Chili Lime Habanero Sauce

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Jun 13, 2017
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Just a quick post on another finished ferment. This was a one gallon ferment of red habanero peppers in 3.5% brine. This was done with red habs I secured a bushel of from a local produce wholesaler late this summer. Cleaning those I threw away about 50% as I'm very careful to avoid anything with black or signs of initial spoilage. Price was right so was ok with the yield loss. I let this go for close to 5 weeks before processing. Target flavor was Chili Lime since my grandson has declared it his favorite and he's out. My friends daughter loves it as well. I use no vinegar in this sauce going with only the brine and lime juice along with spices, a touch of Splenda and a little xanthan to reduce separation. Yielded close to 90 oz of finished sauce. Pepper content is pretty high and it's a thicker sauce than last year's batch. Sweet chili lime start with a blazing finish. Really builds up after a few tastes. I've got me when using the peppers I froze there are far more solids in the ferment since they pack down far more. Whelp that's it. Here's a pic of one of the bottles.

I just love the labels!


Wow I bet thats good, I love chili and Lime

Like jim JLeonard JLeonard said Live the labels


I need to do this next! Love how it looks.

Sounds like a tasty sauce. Nice!

Like the others said great labels and product.
Thanks guys! I enjoy creating the names and labels almost as much as creating the sauce.
The brand name of my Spring seedlings of Bhut Jolokia Ghost pepper and Trinidad Scorpion is Chef Jeff brand. Plus dozens more hot and mild Chef Jeff Brand peppers. $1.50-2.50/seedling.
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Great presentation! Will it mellow in the bottle?
I believe the flavors do mature and heat mellows over time. Something with this high of a pepper content isn't going to mellow to the post not of no xx hot though.

The brand name of the seedlings of Bhut Jolokia Ghost pepper and Trinidad Scorpion is Chef Jeff brand. Plus dozens more hot and mild Chef Jeff Brand peppers. $1.50-2.50/seedling.
Not sure what you are saying. Guessing you bought seedlings that said Chef Jeff? I post a lot on a hot sauce group and funny enough there are two of us calling ourselves Chef Jeff. He grows a lot of peppers. For me it's a nickname someone gave me locally that has stuck.
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FYI whitehotpeppers just emailed me his 2024 new list is up. Thinking I need to place another order. These Chili Negros look just the ticket for a dry rub.


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Another batch of most excellent looking/sounding sauces Jeff. Nicely done

Point for sure
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