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Jun 17, 2022
About a month ago I got to thinking that a large cast iron skillet might be nice. I ordered a Lodge 17” skillet, because I didn’t know they made a 20” version. I sanded it smooth, then carefully built up layers to make it non stick. It turned out beautifully. Then I set it atop a Bayou Classic Banjo burner and began using it.


Since then I have read about plancha, discada, and taco stands and such. Seems these are very popular in Europe. They think that plancha means- “to cook like a Spaniard”. Well it doesn’t but that isn’t slowing them down any. Here in the states we have seen a huge move towards flat top griddles, and with that, lots of recipes. No longer just for bacon and cakes and such.

I wanted a flat top and ordered mine from Walmart. The delivery was destroyed and dumped in my driveway. A week later Walmart has refused to offer a replacement or a refund. They refuse to pick it up and have no plans to do anything about it. ( I posted about all of this in another thread ). Here is what was delivered.


Don’t order anything from Walmart. The cheap stuff gets refunded easily, the more expensive not at all.

So a friend says he has a commercial griddle in storage and I could have it. Well he does have a commercial griddle in storage and he should move it to the dump.

So I am cooking just on my cast iron skillet for now. This section is about such things so here is where I am putting this.

My boss had some leftover prime rib and was shaving it using a meat slicer. He gave me a few pounds of this stuff. I fired up my skillet and added sliced onions and red pepper and skittered them around some without any oil. They did not stick at all. Anyways I added the meat when I thought the onions were done, and skittled that mix about some. Then toasted a roll and slid some on and poured Mexican dipping cheese sauce stuff on top and WOW.


At this point I don’t really see need for a flat top griddle on my back porch. I can griddle up all we care to eat right now. Cleaning is a joke it is so easy. I rinse the skillet under the faucet and hit it with a nylon brush thingie, wipe dry,, add a thin layer of flax seed oil, turn it upside down to rest atop the burner and walk away.

My point here is that maybe trying a large skillet might be good to do before selecting a flat top griddle. Granted, there are advantages to a flat top, but to get started griddling your cost would be $70 for the skillet and whatever for a propane burner.

I also have discovered an entirely new way to cook since using this thing. Yes, if you can imagine that- a new technique. I have to do some more testing but will share with you guys once I am certain it is effective. I tested it using tin foil and was satisfied that it will work, but have to wait for a proper piece of gear to come in the mail before I demonstrate. I made scallops using the technique and the wife loved them.

I plan to make the other recipes I see scattered about on the net for griddle users. So look for me to be around here for a while. I would like to see what you make with your plancha.
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