Petite Tenders / Mock filets

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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
I've posted the petite tenders before , but usually do them whole . This is an idea I got from mosparky mosparky , to double cut and butterfly them . This is a really tender beef cut as is , and this method adds to that .
Decided to use the cast iron for a sear and finish in the oven .
These are from another cook , but wanted to show what they look like whole , and how I normally do them .
Grilled and cut into medallions .
For these I cut the tips from each end and saved them for another dish .
Butterflied and tied . In my vac container with some Olive oil , garlic
and black pepper . Vac'd and in the fridge .
This is after about 6 hours under vacuum .
Out on the counter to warm up before going into a hot cast iron pan .
You can see some difference in texture and color . Smell is fantastic too .
Cast iron heated up until it starts smoking ,
then add the beef with just a bit of olive oil . I buy different olive oils .
This is for sauteing .
Give them time to do their thing . Then flip .
I rushed the one . Didn't get as good of a sear .
Add seasoned steak butter to the pan .
Then some garlic , rosemary and thyme .

Needs more butter . Then into a 400 degree oven .
Pulled out at 130 . The carry over was more than I expected .
Realized " resting " in hot cast iron is cooking .
Moved to a board . That was a stupid mistake .
They feel ok , but I hope their not to far past .
Had some take and bake bread .
Bread and some roasted veg . Doneness was fine .
Could be just a bit more to the rare side for me .
My Son made a mushroom sauce . I'm not a shroom guy , but it's pretty good .
Cut shot .
Some sauce added .
This was a great meal . No leftovers though .
I like my cold beef the next morning .
This cut is so tender you could go all the way to medium well
and still be good .
The smell this puts through the house when cooking is hard to beat .
The garlic and fresh herbs in the oil , seared beef , hot cast iron .
Good stuff .
Most excellent looking meal Chop.

Point for sure
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Wow, that looks fantastic! I can only image the aroma.
Thanks Colin . As hard as the winds been blowin , if I would have cooked them outside you might have got a whiff .
Great job on the cut and the cook. This is why I got so excited when you found them at GFS. I bought and processed the whole bag into Mock Fillets and yielded I think 20 steaks. price averaged to about $1.50 per steak. Best $1.50 steak you'll ever have.
Now you know why when a recipe calls for a cast iron pan/pot, there may be a reason. There is ALOT of heat stored in the cast iron and it should be accounted for.
So glad my cut description made since. It's difficult to describe without showing.
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Chop chop, I want a plate! The butter & and fresh herb infusion looks perfection!

I tried to grill on Saturday night and the wind was so crazy, it was pizza night.......I should have done CI night....
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Great job on the cut and the cook.
Thanks . I used to do venison backstrap this way if they were on the small side . This is one of my favorite cuts of beef .
The cast iron rest was just a stupid mistake . I know better , just got distracted .
Thanks for the input .

Drooling over the pics! Can only imagine how they smelled!
It's a nice change from grilled or smoked . The fresh herbs are killer .
Thanks for lookin Jim .
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Thank you sir . You ever see these Jim ?

Exactly .
I have seen them years ago, I forget what company used to have them, they used to marinade them and sell them in a cryovac. Something like they do with the pork loins and tenderloins.
That looks just plain awesome! As I bet the aroma was too! Looks like heaven on a plate!

That looks incredible! Great job. What cut is that? I'd like to give it a try. I keep looking at the cut picture over and over, perfectly cooked for me. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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