Pesky Brisket

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Smoke Blower
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Dec 14, 2010
Upland, California
After reading about about and seeing all the beautiful briskets that everyone has done, I decided to try one.  I bought a small 4 lb brisket flat since it was my first one and all and prepped it for smoking last Sunday.  I just got my new Maverick ET-732 (thanks Todd at A-MAZE-N Products!) and figured this would be the perfect project to break it in on.  It all started out well for the first 4 hours and then WAM!  I hit the dreaded stall at 145°!  It started right when it started to rain.  I wouldn't have started it if I knew it was going to rain but it never rains here in California so I wasn't concerned with that.  Anyway, at hour 4, it starts to rain and continues to rain.  At hour 8 (when I was planning to pull it out), it's still at 145°.  The wife is tapping her foot, the kids are hungry.  What am I to do?  So, I decide that I better foil it.  Within 30 minutes, it gained 10° so I figured it's working.  By hour 10 it's up to 182° so at the 11th hour (7PM Sunday evening) it hit 203°.  I have to say, it was well worth the wait!  It was fabulous!  I will try another one but will start a little earlier next time!  Thanks to all for the information and help here in SMF!  I couldn't have done it without you!

Oh, I used yellow mustard then Jeff's rib rub and rested overnight in the frig.  I spritzed every hour with a mixture of 1/2 cup apple juice to 1/4 cup of Kahlua.  Smoked with mesquite wood.  Good combo, will use it again!

Now, you'll have to excuse me.  I'm going to have some left over brisket for dinner!  Have a nice evening!

Now for the Q View!


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Have you ever noticed that a brisket is a lot like a woman.. right when you think you have one figured out, it throws you a curve ball or keeps you waiting for no apparent reason.

Now don't be telling my wife that I'm comparing women to a piece of meat

Great job on the brisket! It looks delicious!
The Kahlua was actually pretty good.  I've been looking into different rubs and sauces that use coffee and just on a whim, I decided to spray a little Kahlua.  I will definitely use it again but perhaps a little stronger than what I originally used! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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