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  1. Made a 5# batch of Venison/beef/pork pepperoni with LEM Backwoods seasonings, turned out very good, everybody liked it. To me it could have more of the pepperoni taste. What seasonings could I add to give it more of that pepperoni taste ?
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    You can add Encapsulated citric acid  or plain yogurt to give it tang. Add 1.5 tsp yogurt per lb or 1 gram/tsp of ECA
  3. I believe that you may want to add to your spicing... fine grind anise seed and fine grind fennel seeds .these are the seasonings that will give it the pepperoni chili (fine grind the flakes and seeds) cayenne and chili powder for heat.
  4. Knotfree, That sounds like the right spices. I'll give it a try next time, it may be awhile though, before I get a chance to do some more.
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    When using premixed spices I always find it to be a little on the weak side for taste. I usually will use less meat than called for. For instance if using a packet that is good for 5 pounds of meat I will only use 4 pounds. One thing you must do if cutting back on meat is ADJUST THE AMOUNT OF CURE, THE INCLUDED PACKAGE WILL BE TOO MUCH FOR 4 POUNDS. For under $20 you can get a gram scale from Amazon, this is what I use to ADUST the amount of cure.

  6. One tablespoons of whole anise seed will get you the flvor you want.
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    I generally toast my fennel seeds, then crush before mixing it in.

    X2 with the TBS of Anise.

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