peppers for this year's taste buds

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Jun 21, 2007
I plated some habanero's on December 17th, and some NuMex Jalmundo jalapenos on December 24th. The growth rate is quite noticable. I'm hoping for some good heat on the taste buds this year.


NuMex Jalmundo jalapenos look big even without 2nd set of leaves.I have 18 of these plants for this year.

The habaneros below now have 2nd sets of leaves, but the peppers all much smaller.The growth rate is slower, but the heat should be better.I have 4 good plants selected for this year

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Oh Boy Oh boy there Rich you are the pepper guru. Now I can't wait to see this years crop.
Damn, Rich!  A sure sign of spring.  It was 10° here this morning.  Looking forward to the garden pics.
what's the story on the jalmundo..........sounds interesting.
are those some of the seed I sent you?

the red habaneros are so hot  they make your eyes water looking at them
You're spot on my friend. Here's hoping for a good year of peppers. It's all good my friend.
 Just for clarification, Larry (uncle jar) sent me some seeds. They were Orange habanero and Red Savina. I was luck to have both types germinate. The NuMex Jalmundo seeds (jalapeno), are from the NMSU Perpper Institute. Germination was a little better than 90%. Big thanks to Larry. It's all good my friend.
I'm with ya rich i can't wait till spring!! I have to use a greenhouse for all of our seeds,for the farm market we normally seed bout 400 flats with 128 seed pods in each flat.We seed all kinds of vegtables tomatoes,peppers,cabbage,eggplant,onions,watermelon,cantalope,cucumbers,green and yellow squash.We raise alot of differant things,it alot of work but i love it!!
Looking good Rich. Looks like I need to get some of the seeds you sent me started too. Dang I almost forgot about them too and they are sitting in the kitchen LOL
You are planting peppers and we are supposed to get snow and single digit temps this weekend and snow Monday and Tuesday...
Hey Uncle,

Where do you get your seeds from? Are they your personal stash or do you buy seeds in bulk? 


You are planting peppers and we are supposed to get snow and single digit temps this weekend and snow Monday and Tuesday...
If it makes you feel any  better, my office has turned into a pepper cave. What the hey...
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I got the pepper plants from my brother in law  and just seeded out a few peppers to save some of the seeds

most kinds of peppers are readily available around here from several local green houses.

I dont usually start my own any more like I used to, I just go to the green house and buy the plants is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.