Some Like It Hot - Growing Hot Peppers

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Nice job Coyote, thanks for the 411...
interesting site, and i was just reading some thing where it was sayin the scotch bonnet was the hottest pepper on earth, guess there a few that hotter and by quite a bit. thks!!!
I believe you are corect. scotch bonnets which I believe are called chombo's in tropical areas. can be hotter then anything else. then they came up with the one from thialand that has broke the heat record. I think differnt soils , rain and a whole bunch of other things play an importent part in how hot and how tasty they can be. just like any thing else that grows. I have had at indian feast in the deep jungles peppers that we called chomos that would peel paint off walls. a sliver in the soup would make sweat squirt out my pours and throw a six pack down my throat as fast as I could.
as a kid my neighbor had pepper plants they were from boca del torro in panama.
the plants were small compared to other pepper plants and the fruit was small and round purple in color. we were told not to eat are play with them as they were very hot.wrong thing to tell a bunch of boys..

hey bobby..stick one of these up your nose it won't burn..mike taste it they aren't hot..
we all took a nibble..they were hot. and for the ones that would not try..we had ways, candy impregnated would always get em..have never seen them since then..

some of these peppers are just hot. and thats it. but other hotties like the chombo /scotch bonnet are hot plus they have great flavor. and a little can go a long fish, I have seen your pics..try them in cerviche don't know if you are familar with it. the chombo is an ingredient in it. and the stuff is great in the summer time with a cold beer as an appitizer..
you're right on the growing conditions.
I used to have a metal screw top "holding tube" I kept on my key chain.
It was from MO HOTTA MO BETTA.
I had Scotch Bonnet powder in it.
Used in restaurants etc.
Yes, indeedy. The pic of the Habs looks pretty much like 99% of the grocery stores in Phoenix area. But I've been trying to score some Scotch Bonnets, because I'd heard about the flavor difference. I can't find em here. I had 2 Carribean Red plants, hoping they'd be SB-like, but this spring, when they had dozens of blossoms and were beginning to fruit, the temps went from mid 90s to 110 one weekend, and I guess I missed a day of watering. BANG, instant dead plants. Waahh!
And for Loweyj, I read on one of the pepper sites that they-peppers--won't fruit if the soil is low in nitrogen or somethng like that. I believe it was the site connected to, or similar.
Good luck with your plants.
that last one lol. i got em. got seeds from ebay this winters past. havent tried one yet. but soon. b-hut jolokias. worlds hottest pepppers. yummy. notice that bumpy wrinkled skin. resembles no others. this one is now 3 times that big but not orange yet. got about a dozen and 1/2 now. and still popping.
big game cook..

lol. hey man let us know when you taste it..oh, have your wife film it..and lets us watch the

great job on you garden..

This is our second year for bhut jolokia' give you an idea of their heat wait I can't give you an idea, there is no explanation. This truly isn't a pepper to mess with somebody with, when I was giving people samples last year I was cutting slivers, maybe a little bigger than the eye of a bigger sewing needle and they couldn't stand it. The flavor, kind of smells like a green tomato, taste like celery at the very first second, then after that, nuclear. I'm telling you, one guy I gave a piece to actually got a bloody nose. We wound up dehydrating them and using them as a dry powder for sprinkling on food.
ya ive been growing and eating habenaros for years. thems fun to mess with but still a mean pepper. already told a few folks that wanted one to give to a buddie no. that they could have a sample but whole peppers aint nothing to play with. i know the habenaros dont compare.

im a chili head and grow others too. heres some ripe african fatilis. there x x x hot too. comparable to red savinas.

some red and gree scotch bonnet habaneros.

and that b-hut now. and its begining to redden. yes. nucular salsa is my plan for the first pod. aint that weird. it will only need one, lol. and some green bells for body hahaha.

ya ive been growing peppers for a while.
Big Game cook,

your pepper garden is smokin hot..they look good. here at the NMSU the bhut jolokia's get rather large. one of the chili farmers that has been growing NM chilis for 5 generations asked one of the proffesers at the university for seed to grow some of the Bhuts, the prof. told him that he would give him some, but with warning...they were so hot that he could end up killing some one and being sued. Mr. lujan decided he would not grow them.

I have grown some of the peppers you are showing. and in the tropics the scott which looks like the chombo and I believe the same. can get pretty darn close to the heat level of the bhuts in the right condition. some that I have ate are mild compared to others that like shellbec said, a sliver can bring on the pain.

great garden whats with all the corn???
got it from a farmer here. im drying it on the deck. that would be some winter food to help with rising costs of feed. not for me lol. these guys.

got 30ish now and babies on the way in a few days. meat rabbits.they love corn and even eat cobs.
Rember that epsom salt is indeed salt. Salt is NOT good for soil. The benefits from adding Mg are counteracted by altered pH of the soil. Epsom salt is better utilized by foliar feeding and thoroughly rinsing the next day.
One last thought on an endless thread, actually my first thought on the first post. Pepper plants love to have their roots constricted a bit in the seedling stage ( unlike tomatoes ). After transplanting into loose friable garden soil they will thrive beyond belief.
I have never found a fish or shrimp that complained about a Vera Cruz or Diablo preparation. They just don't have the receptors for that.

Seriously, thanks for the great chile info!
Watch them bhuts, no exaggeration, one bhut will be enough for probably 5 gallons of salsa. We put two slivers into a gallon of pickles and it was too hot for most to eat (after maturing for a while). is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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