cold weather

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  1. kallud

    Pellet grill or electric smoker?

    Ok so my electric smoker finally went out on me (R.I.P). I’ve been looking into pellet grills and I’m wondering if anyone has smoked food on them? Im also limited on find these days and looking for one under $400. I’ve seen some pit bosses that are right around that price point and will be large...
  2. K

    Rec Tec Stampede Cold Weather Questions

    Hello, my first post! Yeah! Been a long time reader! Quick question. If Rec Tec "Doesn't" make an insulated cover for the Stampede. What are you guys using on your Stampedes during the winter? How many pounds an hour does the Stampede use in say 20 degree temps? I smoke/grill year round. I've...
  3. ragsbbq

    Cold weather brisket

    Hi all, Just a quick question. Planning on smoking a 11 lb brisket Sunday night into Monday on my 22.5 WSM. It’s going to get down into the teens over night here in western ny, and just wondering how the cold will effect my cook? I normally use the minion method (10-12 lit briquettes), and my...
  4. M

    Large Volume at Cold Temperatures

    Typically when I am smoking meats I am doing large quantities in low temperatures. I am a hunter living in MN and when I make summer sausages, snack sticks, brats, etc... I am making them in 20+ pound batches. We give them away, share them at events, and will pull a package out to enjoy them...
  5. SLYates

    Hello from Shawnee OK

    I received my first smoker as a Father’s Day gift this year. It’s a MES 40 and I love it. Most of my smokes have been amazing. A few not so good. You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. I know I would not have had such good luck with my smokes without Thank...
  6. miaoreo

    Cold Weather Brisket on a pellet Grill

    Well after exhaustive reading and researching, I decided to do my Christmas brisket on Xmas Eve... Barring the circumstance of it not getting done in time, outside Temp has dropped to 31° with a wind chill in the 20's ... I have plenty of refrigerator space to keep it until dinner time and...