Pellet containers

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Anyone have an idea about some inexpensive containers for storing pellets? I like how the traeger ones are styled, rectangular and not square and not too huge. They just seem pricey for what they are. I've looked into 5 gal buckets and a screw off style lid, but once you add in the lid cost, I'd almost rather get the traeger ones. I'd like something fairly small and rectangular which would fit nicely on a garage shelf.

So what do you all use?
I bought a dog food storage container that has a screw on, waterproof lid from TSC a couple of years ago and love it. It is big enough to hold somewhere around 40 pounds of pellets.
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Cheap dog food containers (same as Kingsford) here.

I’ve since added a small dry erase board to remind me what’s in the hopper.
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I use ammo cans from Harbor Freight, but I am only filling smoke tube so don't need a lot of pellets. For my pellet smoker I use 5 gallon buckets with screw on lids but only have two of those. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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