Pellet containers

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Have a friend that has indoor cats. The cat litter he uses is stackable plastic buckets. Asked him to save me some and a few weeks later. He dropped off so many I had to throw some away. LoL
Been using 12 for almost 3 years now
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5 gal bucket from wallmart with lid about $5 then inside i use a mesh wastebasket to sift the chaff, got it at Ollies for $3 then use a small version to sift the chaff further when i fill the hopper, cuts down on the fine dust at bottom of hopper. Got the small mesh cup for 50 cents.


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I just use five gal buckets from lowes or tractor supply with the snap on lids works for me. I take the label and cut it from the bag that identifies flavor and tape to the lid i keep my pellets inside though
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Thanks for all the suggestions! I forgot about the cat litter pails but after spending the last 15 years of cleaning cat boxes. I might have a negative reaction LOL.
I also have 5 gallon white buckets with Gamma2 screw off lids. They stack nice next to my pellet bags. I sharpie what is inside them so I can grab and go / change out as needed. I've not had any issues with humidity as the lids have a gasket seal.
Great post! I'm new to the pellet game and also wondered about options for storing pellets. Tractor Supply has a 4 gal. Buddeez Wood Pellet Storage container for $12.99 which appears to mimic the Kingsford pellet container design.
I think we have a winner. And the tsc nearby has 9 in stock. :)

Now just need to dig out of all this snow so I can get to the store!
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I use 3.5 pound Folger's coffee cans from the coffee club at work. Keep a couple dozen on shelves in the shed 10' away from my cookers. One hand job. No back strain and pour easily into the hopper. Fill them occasionally from the big bags stored flat in garage 100' away via a 3gal bucket. I also don't fret much about wood type. I pretty much just label them (painters tape) as Fruit, Strong, or Blend for fowl, beef, or pork. I sometimes leave a big bag half open in the garage with a small pony clamp to seal it. But I'm old so dealing with >15# lifts is something I only do after stretching and concentration!
I use 5 or 6 Gal buckets with lids and I drop label from the original bag in the bucket.
I have a couple of buckets with padded lids similar to this one for handy seats.
They didn't cost that much 5-6 years ago.:emoji_blush:
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