Pellet containers

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May 8, 2012
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Anyone have an idea about some inexpensive containers for storing pellets? I like how the traeger ones are styled, rectangular and not square and not too huge. They just seem pricey for what they are. I've looked into 5 gal buckets and a screw off style lid, but once you add in the lid cost, I'd almost rather get the traeger ones. I'd like something fairly small and rectangular which would fit nicely on a garage shelf.

So what do you all use?
I might have to go with the 5 gallon buckets. I'm resisting because space is at a premium in the garage.
I use the Kingsford charcoal Kaddy.
They have sizes that will hold a 40# bag of pellets and a #20 bag.
I had a part of the handle come off one and got lost.
Kingsford sent me a couple new ones no questions asked.

I don't think they have a 40# size designed with a spout for pellets, but the charcoal ones work fine.
Don't know your definition of inexpensive, but here's 20# ones for pellets --> Kingsford Pellet Kaddy

They can stack too.
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I use only lumber jack pellets and keep 6 flavors so I found these sterlite bins that hold a bag each and stack well.
Look for Kingsford charcoal containers. I have a number of them. They will hold a 40# bag of pellets. Tight seal to boot.
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Thanks for the replys! I have seen the kingsford ones around, so i may look into the cost there.
I must be the only one that justs leaves them in the bag . Always have a bag or 2 on the patio , main supply in the corner of the garage .
No no, that's what I'm doing now, and my dad does it as well. The misunderstanding here is my level of organizing. I probably reorganize the spice "cabinet" and the condiments in the fridge about once a week.

So to just have open bags about the garage....well i can only do it for so long.

I did see the larger kingsford units at the container store, but the price was close to the traeger ones. Smaller ones might work better for me. I also have seen some broil king ones online.
I go through mine pretty fast . I fill the hopper , then that bag sits under cover on the patio . The rest of the " stock " is in sealed bags stacked in the garage . Charcoal and wood chunks in there too . I keep the pellets for my pellet tube in the house .
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I might do that if I didn't make my own blends.
Storing in bags works for me, but I only use pellets in my tray and tubes. I always dry them in the microwave prior to use. Don't have a pellet grill/smoker, so not sure about them.
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I'm like Chop, I go through pellets pretty dang fast....I keep them in the OG bags and have this storage crate next to the smoker to house my bags. It will hold about 200-250lbs give or take of pellets.

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Just looked on a " fridge run " . 120 pounds in the garage and 40 pounds on the patio .
I just find it's easier to keep 'em in the stock bags . Like said , my pellets from A-maze-n that I use in a tube , I keep in the house or a plastic tub out back .
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