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  1. jimmybh

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    Just finished up smokin 16.5 lbs of pork butt. . Lov this smokin 3 smoker. Took it up to 198*. Literally falling apart as I lifted it with my gloved hands from the smoker. Very moist and full of flavor.  Cook time: 14.5 hrs. Excellent Bark. Used 4 ozs of apple wood chips and a little hickery. Gettin some food prepared ahead of time for the family celebrations. I had better hide it or it will dissappear before the party. LOL

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  3. jimmybh

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    Thanks, I'll try it. Have a good day,
  4. seenred

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    That butt looks delicious, Jimmy!  Nicely done!

  5. kathrynn

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    Good job!  [​IMG]


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