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  1. Since the weather here in God's Country, PA feels more like hell than heaven the last 2 weeks, I am planning on smoking a pork butt I found in the freezer this week overnight. Average temps here have been in the mid-90's with about 85-90% humidity consistently. As a humorous aside, the gauge read 165° when I took the cover off the WSM a few minutes ago. Shouldn't need much charcoal....

    Enough complaining about the weather, let's start the show.

    Butt rubbed with a twist on my usual rub to incorporate more heat. I'll post the recipe in a separate post in this thread.

    Going to park the meat back in the fridge until about 9-930 pm when hopefully the temps will drop below 90° and I can actually stand being outside. Until then, there are a few cold Bud Lites calling my name in the cooler.

    Stay tuned!
  2. Pork rub with a spicy twist recipe:

    1/3c Salt*
    1/3c Brown Sugar
    1/3c Paprika
    3T Black Pepper
    1T Granulated Garlic
    1T Onion Powder
    1t Cayenne
    1t Celery Salt
    1t Ground Cumin

    *Normally I just use kosher salt here but today I changed it up a bit and divided the 1/3c of salt into equal parts: kosher salt, some alderwood smoked salt I found in the spice cabinet and stuff called Fire Salt I picked up at a beer & wine festival earlier this summer. This stuff packs some good heat, I think with the Cayenne I'll get the heat profile.

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    The weather has been pretty thick here as well. Nothing like a nice overnighter!
  4. Starting to roll some coal, some pecan wood chunks sprinkled in:

    I'll let the WSM come up to temp and clear the smoke for about 20 minutes or so, then we're cooking!

  5. rpmrn

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    Looks like you are going to have a pretty fun night.

    I'll be watching.
  6. It's a barrel of fun here.... I'm designing the invitations for my sister in law's bridal shower on my laptop (and pounding beers)

    This was all a lot easier when my better half thought I actually had to watch the fire for hours. Her buying me the WSM was a blessing and a curse.
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    Looks like an awesome start TTTT ! Thumbs Up I'll have to try that rub recipe sometime soon, looks like a good one ! That spiced salt looks interesting too !
  8. The spiced salt was coincidence.... I was standing by the bathroom waiting for the better half to get out of the bathroom at the beer fest and saw it for sale. 9 bucks seemed like a great deal after numerous 10-12% abv beers.... Now since I know a tsp is good for some heat, it was an even better deal.
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  9. And just like that... the wrench is thrown. Was cruising along with good heat.... and big downpour. WSM isn't under covery due to some renovations.... ugh

    Although temps... don't seem to mind?
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  10. rpmrn

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    WSM cruising right along. That cooker rocks. It will teach you patience because you don't have to mess with anything.

    Hope the weather clears for you. Sounds like Florida weather with storms popping up out of nowhere.
  11. I've had this WSM for 2-3 years and it's been unbelievably reliable! If it has fuel and air... it cooks.

    Downpour has ceased... here's the temps...

  12. The WSM and Maverick combo always puts the results up! Rock solid....

    Hard to see... but meat is 162, pit 254... and Ted Musgrave lives here!
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  13. rpmrn

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    I wish I could be enjoying a few of those blue cans too.

    Going to foil or anything or just let rip until time to pull?
  14. Funny you ask... I've never moved anything to an oven, ever... but the rain was crazy. Butt is foiled in a pan at about 175° in a 250° oven.... I'm going to bed!
  15. smokinal

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    Great start!

    You just can't beat those WSM's for the all nighter's.

  16. crazymoon

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    TTTT, Looks like a tasty rub !
  17. This is now my 2nd in a row long cooking piece of pig. Coming up on 14 hours now and it's only at 184°. Oh well... I have nothing to do today so it'll stay in the oven until it's done.
  18. tropics

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    4 Ts I'm in

  19. Update... Going on 16 hours, I finally jacked the oven up to 350°. It was stalled at 184° for 4 hours. This one is really testing my patience.
  20. Finally hit 205°

    Still has a really nice bark even after being foiled in a pan

    Time to let it rest for an hour or so on the stove top. Pulled pics to follow...

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