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Our pup ate a dryer sheet last night.


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Our 6 month old Golden Retriever puppy ate a used dryer sheet last night while the wife was doing laundry. It accidentally fell on the floor and she scooped it up, down it went. Wife didn't have 1 second to react. I find out the they can be toxic and possibly ball up in her belly.

We have been in contact with our vet and she said to feed her steamed asparagus, mashed sweet potato or raw mashed pumpkin to help push things along. The vet is going to give her the once over this morning.

We are at a wait and see point. My motivation for starting this thread is to see if any of you have had this happen and how did it play out.

The vet has said it will most likely just pass in a few days but I'm always thinking in the back of my mind about what could go wrong.

Any advise or experiences would be appreciated


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No Dryer Sheets, but our two Pit/Boxers eat Toilet Paper, Tissues and used Paper Towels, like they are candy! My wife has pulled a few, " paper tails " out of the dogs before they jump on the furniture.
The Vet does not seem to concerned about the Chemicals. Best of Luck for a Speedy OUTcome.😆....JJ


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We used to have a pug years back.......she ate a shower loofah. Not sure if anyone has ever unraveled one of those things but they are about 7 miles long. We didn't know it happened until one morning we came in the living room to find our pug with loofah coming out of both ends. She was pretty freaked out but seemed ok. So there I was pulling 7 miles of loofah outta my dogs ass. She was fine. Dogs are pretty resilient. Unfortunately for me I can't unsee that


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Hope things work out well for your dog!
So TNJAKE TNJAKE you're saying a loofah isn't the right thing to use for mopping your meats on the smoker?



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My lab had eaten a plastic bread bag it passed but I had to help get it out


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Would wound not believe the stuff that came out of Grecten. I finally had to put a gate up to limit her to 1 room.


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Well maybe her "gas" will smell a bit better for a while? Man, one of our dogs will run us out of the room sometimes - and just looks at us like "What's wrong with you guys?" :emoji_laughing:


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I share dry roasted peanuts with the meat inspector while watching TV. It makes poop patrol humorous.


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Just imagine the number of things you don't witness your dog eating. We had dobermans for 25 years and one was a real food snitch... like sneaking into the greenhouse to dig up carrots. Another time Mrs ~t~ had egg noodles drying on the kitchen table and the same dog went all around the edge like a vacuum cleaner. The all time worst dog event I witnessed happened while ice fishing. We were inside a motor home preparing small treble hooks with various baits. One of us got a strike and we went outside to land a fish. Meanwhile my friends dog got up on the counter and ate 4 or 5 hooks. The vet said there was a 75% chance they would come out backwards (like bone shards would) and sure enough they did.


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We've had dogs in the past but they were smaller and didn't have a habit of eating everything. She is showing absolutely no ill effects. Guess we wait for the inevitable and help it out as needed.



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Our Lab ate some chew toy tug rope when he was about 6months old, he would squall when they would hang out and not fall lol, pop right out when pulled, he quit that chewing after that lol

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