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Are you interested in attending the 1st get together of the Smoking Meat Forums?

  • Yes, if at all possible I will be there and the plans sound good.

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  • I would like to attend, but without some changes I don't think it would be possible. (Remember, we c

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  • Heck no I'm not coming to the SMF Gathering. Have you guys inhaled to much smoke?

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Master of the Pit
Original poster
Apr 17, 2006
Greenwood, MO
Hear Ye, Hear Ye....

The purpose of this poll is to try to determine the interest in the get together we are trying to plan. We have a tentative date and time and some events we are looking at and want to gauge interest and see how things are shaping up.

We are looking at June 15th and 16th 2007. The location would be either the Bucksaw Point or Long Shoal Campground areas, most likely Bucksaw. I think it would most likely come down to where we could get the best block of campsites together for the members who want to cook and gather to camp, eat, and socialize. In addition to those two there are a couple other locations that are within 20 miles of there that would work if there is a glitch of somekind.

There are few members who have expressed an interest in attending a BBQ competition in conjunction with our gathering. There is a cook off in Sedalia, MO that weekend which we could take a day trip or two to and check things out. It will be about a 50 mile one way trip to Sedalia from these locations. These camping areas are better than what is available closer to Sedalia so it would probably be worth the trip away from where we most likely would spend the bulk of our time. I assume some SMF members would not even go to the cook-off but I may be wrong. Also, it has already come up that not all members would want to camp. There is lodging right at the campgrounds and many motels in the area if that is booked or too expensive.

If you intend to attend give us a yes vote so we know that we are on the right track. If you really want to attend, but these dates won't work or the location is all wrong in your opinion vote no. If you are a no vote please explain why and what needs to be different for you. Any no votes above the amount of the number of reasons posted will be dis-regarded. This is not to be rude, but to be sure no one is being funny with the poll. I don't think that would be a problem here, but it is the only way to be fair to all involved.

Dutch and SoFlaQuer, we know this is a long trip for you guys, but it would be great if you guys could attend. You guys do alot of work around here so that we have a great forum and a group of people worth gathering and it would almost seem not right if you weren't there. I know I for one would misbehave hourly if it weren't for your moderation.
TulsaJeff, it goes double for you. There wouldn't be an SMF if it weren't for you. Thank you for the forums!

TulsaJeff, Dutch, and/or SoFlaQuer if you don't mind would you make this a "sticky" for a week or two to keep it at the top so it has the best chance to be seen by all interested members.
Ultramag I would love to be there I know it will be a blast. Its 593 miles from where im located is there another place where we all could be about the same distance and a little closer to home.
Of course it will sound bad coming from a Missourian, but I think the idea to have it in the show-me state is because there are so many members from Missouri, and for non locals, it's a centrally located state. Although if we want to split hairs the geographic center of the contiguous (lower) 48 states is about four miles west of Lebanon, Kansas. Very interesting how they came up with this location too. They cut a map of the US out of cardboard and balanced it on a pin head. That's funny stuff.
I think we should have our own competition though.
Marvin, it's kind of hard to say when it's gonna go down in your home state but we just kind of got it going and are doing the best we came up with for everyone. We have a guy coming virtually for sure from MI. Be about 600 miles for him as well. If we move it to get it 300 miles from you then it's 8-900 for him. Make sense?

To answer directly, there is absolutely no way we can ALL be closer to the location. To the best of my knowledge we don't have Liberal, KS member with a big field do we?
Buzzard said, "we need to make a few of them spaced so far apart. say one every other state or so. so more could attend. every year it would get bigger and bigger. "

That set up would be better for those of us on the east coast but, both hubby and I are willing to Seriously consider a road trip with the RV!!! Only problem would be the travel time/distance from NC and the time necessary to take off from work :(.
I stopped by the CFM distributor yesterday. I was able to pick up a GOSM smoker to provide as a giveaway prize. It wasn't a Big Block though but the 3405 BGW model which is a step down.

This is going to be a great smokers gathering. I am trying to find a sponser for a possible shirt too. Any ideas for a slogan would be considered. Keep in mind this is IF I can find a printer sponser.

I will start a post for slogan suggestions, please look for it. Be creative.

This is going to be a great gathering. Please try to attend.

Keep Smokin
Ultramag I think you will a very good time and have a lot of good fellowship with all the members that are able to attend. Gunslinger I agree with you 100% and that didnt sound bad so no offiense taken here. Sounds like a good plan and hope all goes well and I know you will show plenty of pics.

I agree with you to buzzard in sure theres a few members around our area also. Maybe we could get something going to.
:( Sorry Gents....I'd give my right arm to be there but 1,341 miles from this homestead. ( I really need my right arm) :( :( :(
I'd love to be there for the very first SMF-get-together, but it's not gonna happen..Gotta live with it..maybe the 2nd one.
i am actually thinking of getting a little plot of land, not a lot maybe 2 acres so i could maybe host something like that. if i can find more that would be better, i just do not want to get to far out of the city because of school and work. i kinda hate driving long distances just for work and school.

but for good food or my woman it would not be a problem.
cajun_1 and dgross, we'd love to have you if you can make it. I understand the travel / time off issues. But if you can make it, it'll be a good time.

Keep Smokin
I have been watching this thread with a lot of interest and I am so glad that someone else is handling the details but I am glad they are being handled nonetheless.

I think back to our beginnings in the yahoo group and I realize that you guys (and gals) have come such a long way..

I am proud that I am able to provide the place for you guys to meet online but I am even more proud when I get dozens of emails every week from folks telling me that the SMF is the best, nicest, friendliest, and most informed barbecue/smoking meat forum online hands down.

I know this is due to all of our great members and more importantly to our two wonderful moderators who have stepped up to the plate to take on a job that is sometimes non-glamerous but has to be done.

All of you are great and I am behind you 100% on this event.. let me know if you need my help with anything otherwise plan away!

I stay pretty busy with my odd jobs that I tend to get sucked into from time to time and with all of my websites which require constant attention plus I am working on a lot of new things for the smoking meat site that I hope to unleash this year, however, I hope to see all of you there.

Sounds like more fun than a barrel of monkeys.. :D :D is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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