NY Strip Steaks Tonight

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Nov 3, 2010
Moses Lake, Washington
I am going to smoke a couple of NY Strips for dinner tonight & while I am at it I am going to do a practice run on some bacon wrapped chicken tenders. What I need to find out is the timing on the steaks versus chicken. Both ate ready to go now or I should say both are in the fridge ready to go. I plan on doing the steaks @ about 250º till about 135º IT so when should I put the chicken on so both will be done about the same time, I like the bacon fairly crispy. I am going to sear the steaks on the grill when done in the smoker.

It sounds like you have everything under control to me. So go fix the steak and the chicken tenders and post it if you will.
hi, i smoke my poppers bacon wrapped in the smoker at 275 and it takes like 3 hrs r so for mine to cook, maybe that will give you an idea...but i could be all wrong so i'm not gonna sign my name to this...matter a fact just pretend i didn't say anything... then i can't be wrong...right?   lol
It is most likely too late since it is 10 30 PM here but you really want to do it all by temp like you planned. The key factor is how much they weigh. I try to guage the steaks will go about 15 min per lb and the chicken about 20 for boneless thighs and closer to 30 for bone in. Again the key is to cook to temp

Looking forward to seeing the results
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