non steel barrel

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Original poster
Dec 15, 2016
Hey guys,

I am attempting my first UDS build and I had a question on my barrel. I picked up a $20 barrel from an auto shop and the guys said it was used to store alcohol (they used it for race fuel). The lid was not removable but the guy said he would cut it off there in the shop. He cut about 1/2 inch down from the top but only used a saws-all to do so.

No my this even a steel barrel? Seems to me that a saws-all would not be able to go through steel. The drum, however, is fairly thin metal so maybe it is steel? Follow up question, if it is NOT a steel drum, is it still usable for a smoker?

As you can tell I am completely new to the game so any/all info or help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Tom,
They are thin and use the ribs and end for strength I have seen several with dents from handling. A saws-all with a metal blade is just a power hack saw going faster than you can do by hand.
Be careful burning the alcohol if there's any liquid left it burns with a light blue flame that is vary hard to see in the daylight. Put a magnetic on it if it sticks it's steel. Other will help with your question if it's ok to use I'm not sure about the coating on the inside or your lid design
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