No words needed- but they are BBQ flavored

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Smoking Fanatic
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Nov 12, 2020
Buford, GA
I'll try anything but I draw the line at BUGS! Though I did Eat the Worm at the bottom of a bottle of Mezcal. I was young, silly and seriously Hammered though!...JJ

BTW...My Chickens love those things!
I think I would take them fishing and use them as bait!

So I have to be honest...the best part of this joke is when I showed it to my wife! Took her a bit to realize what it was, and then a great big YUCK! And a full body shiver! I finally could stop laughing!

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Hey, don't knock it!. That's the protein we'll be eating in California once January 1st gets here and bacon, pork, chicken, and eggs disappear. Beef will be too expensive to buy. Hmmm. I'd best start adapting.

"Here larvae, larvae, larvae."
:emoji_laughing: I shouldn't laugh but you did bring it out! You can come visit us, we'll get ya set up! But leave the larvae alone, they are for the chickens!

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