No Foil Pulled Pork - Thank you for this!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokinhusker, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Grocery store had two per cryovac pork butts for $1.49 lb. I bought several and made buckboard bacon from one butt, and figured why not make pulled pork from the other. An 8 lb butt that I left the bone in, cross hatched the fat cap, rubbed with EVOO, rubbed with Three Piggies BBQ Rub, then prior to smoking, patted brown sugar on it. 

    This is going to be a NO FOIL SMOKE cause I want that awesome crispy bark.



    Out of the pan and onto a 225* preheated MES 40 smoked with 75% apple and 25% mesquite to an IT of 203* (approx 2hrs per pound to smoke it). I also mopped with some apple juice about a half dozen times, then decided I didn't want to prolong the smoking time! 


    Isn't that a thing of beauty! Off the smoker and the bark is just awesome looking and tasting!

    The bone came out clean and the meat was tender and juicy. 


    Thanks for all the great help/info and for the great finishing sauce recipe.

    Thanks for looking!
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  2. Your butt look awesome!!!! I love pulled pork...there is so many great things you can make with it!!![​IMG]
  3. big andy a

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    Nicely done, very tasty looking.

  4. rdknb

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    That looks very good, I do not foil my Butts either, we love the bark
  5. miamirick

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    sweeeeeeettttt   i'll take a few sandwiches of  that!!!!

  6. Thanks all! I've made another a while back but I foiled it. No foiling is def the way to go.
  7. raptor700

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    Great job 

    I love the crispness of the no foil butts

  8. tyotrain

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    Great looking pork you have there.. Nice job bet it was tasty [​IMG]
  9. Wow! That looks really, really GOOD!!! Mmmmmmm...
  10. redheelerdog

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    No Foil, that is the way to roll!

    Love the bark.

  11. roller

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    Very nice !
  12. Many thanks for all your encouraging comments! 
  13. sqwib

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    Looking good
  14. johnnie walker

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    That is some mighty fine looking PP, you made SH. I love the looks of the bark. [​IMG]
  15. rbranstner

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    I have started to come to that realization as well.
  16. smoketexring

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    [​IMG]  I don't know how I missed this thread, but it sure looks great!  Nice job SmokinHusker!!!!
  17. Thanks everyone.
  18. realtorterry

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    I WANT PORK NOW!!!!!
  19. frosty

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    HHHOOOEEEE! That is some NICE lookin' pulled pork!

  20. Looks great. I'm planning on not foiling my next one also.

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