News Years Weekend smoking marathon

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May 24, 2008
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Went to Wyoming with my dad on what will probably be his last hunt.  We both got an antelope and a mule dear.

I've been working so much, haven't had time to do much else.  But, off over new years and my daughter is home and wants to do some smoking!  So here we go.

Here we are working on the 25lbs of venison/antelope, pork (about 70/30).


This is a picture of the meat


The night before we started soaking to corned beef flats and had the smoker going for some Pastrami while were working.  Brianna made the rub from some basic spices.  For the first time it turned out really good and gave me a chance to use that slicer I got for Christmas.


After we got the pastrami going we actually did the Boudan first and let that and the rice cool before stuffing.


We also made some Hot Links from Beef and pork.  These were probably the hottest thing I've made so far.  Gets your attention, but not screaming.


And last but not least hears some of the summer sausage


The money shot.

Thanks for looking.  We had a great time together.
Wow, that is some great looking stuff.  I'm just about to jump into the sausage game, so I love posts like these.  I wish I had that much counter space.  I spent the weekend processing deer on folding tables under the carport
    Nice job, and congrats on the helper.  I have a 17 year old that doesn't mind getting her hands bloody, and that is a rare thing my friend. 

Oh, and congrats on your deer too.

Thanks.  It's weird though Brianna loves the whole making food and smoked meats thing wheras the younger daughter won't have anything to do with it.

I won't let my wife read about the car port or she will have me in the garage.  She doesn't especially like when I take over her kitchen and make a mess.
Great looking Sausage man - cool that your daughter will work on sausage with you . If you just clean up the kitchen afterward you will be inside forever LOL

Yes sir thats some fine looking sausage there. I really like the whole making sausage thing too. Now what did you use for the fat??? I see you had some pork for the summer sausage did you use it with the venison and the antelope too??
Followed Rytek's venison summer sausage.  I combined the Venison with some antelope this time as I was running out of venison pieces and roasts.  Could just not bring myself to use the steaks for summer sausage.

I doubt I am capable of cleaning the kitchen appropriatley, I always seem to miss something.  I also tend to utilize a lot of the dishwasher space. 
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