Newbie with a couple MES 40 and AMNPS and Mav 733 questions.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bowhunterjohn, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. I recently purchased a Gen 1 MES 40 and AMNPS and am preparing for my first smoke. I’ve been reading a ton of posts here trying to learn as much as I can prior to my first attempt. Most everything seems rather straight forward but I am a bit confused about the chip pan and chip loader positions when using the AMNPS.

    Some post say you must leave the chip pan in place to provide a heat shield for the door and bottom, and only pull out the chip loader out about ¼”. Other posts say to remove the chip pan entirely and pull the chip loader out about 2”. I understand that I’ll have to play around a bit with how much to pull the chip loader out to get the proper burn in the AMNPS, but do I take the chip pan out or leave it in? Some of my confusion may be between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 MES 40’s, I have the Gen 1.

    Also, I have purchased a Mav 733 thermometer and its operation seems pretty simple as well, but I have a question about the best way to run the probe wires into the smoker. Do I run them between the door and cabinet pinched between the door seal, or in through the smoke vent on the top, or through the chip door inlet? What works the best? All comment will be appreciated.
  2. Hi!
    Have the old MES 40 inch I got last may.. To use the amps I leave. My vent wide open and also run my maverick thru the vent. I also leave my chip tray pulled out intil I know the amps is well lit then slide it back in.

    Have fun!
  3. I have a MES 40 Gen 1 and I take the chip tray completely out and pull the chip loader out about 1/3 . My AMNPS burns great ! Be sure your pellets are dried by putting in the microwave a couple minutes and then put the loaded tray in the smoker for 45 minutes or so while you are preheating the smoker ....... keep the top vent completely open
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    I pull my tray out about and inch or so and the same with my loader. This seems to work great for me.
  5. Thanks guys for the inputs. It sounds like it's not a perfect science and I'll need to do some trial and error to find out what works best for my Mes 40. Plannig to do my first smoke this weekend so we'll see how it goes.
  6.   John, I have the same setup as you and I pull the chip pan out about 1 in. Pull the loader out about 2 in. to start and push it back in some if the pellets are burning too fast. Top vent wide open. I have a 3 in. elbow on my exhaust for a stack to improve the draft. Because of that I run my thermo leads through the door seal. It closes gently on them and won't hurt them or the seal. Make sure your pellets are completely dry and well lit. If not dry and well lit they will most likely go out or burn so slowly that you won't get enough smoke. Most people dry them in the microwave. Be careful not to set them on fire in the microwave, just get them dry. Usually about a minute at a time stirring in between till they don't steam anymore.


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