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Dec 30, 2016
Central North Dakota
Hello everyone, I am Mike from central North Dakota. I have been a big fan of smoked meat's my whole life, just as I also enjoy the fishing and hunting prior to the processing of the meat. I have been a smoker for years and enjoy trying and learning new things about the process along the way. 

I am a Welder/Fabricator by trade, so my old vintage 1950's Hotpoint refrigerator smoker reflects this. LOL I prefer to cold smoke over hot, so the old fridge with a few modifications has always worked well for me over the years, so I have never felt the need to build anything different.

In my internet searches for more curing and smoking knowledge, I have always enjoyed reading SMF members post's on various smoking topics. Even after years of making sausage and smoking different meats, I still have questions about wanting to experiment with different recipes etc.

To top it all off, I like cured Pork so much, I even dabble around with making Bacon! LOL  I decided to keep back two of the baby piglets and turned them into a pair of breeder Hogs, so I can have a good source of fresh pork on hand. No money in raising pigs, it's just nice to know what all went into the quality of the meat.

Looking forward to meeting other smoking meat enthusiasts and being a active member of your SMF!              
Hello Al, I was starting to think my Apple was being held up at Customs because it was flagged bad!  LOL  No worries, Tiz the season and I know everyone is busy. Thanks for the welcome, I am looking forward to being a new member to your SMF.
Glad to have you aboard Mike!

Looking forward to seeing some photo's of your fridge build!

The old fridge has taken on a few modifications over the years, that is for sure. I am currently using it as we speak, I just finished a Turkey yesterday and later on today I hope to fill it back up with fresh Pork Ribs. I just butchered a hog so I will be using it steady for awhile. I been wanting to add on a separate smoke box to the side of the fridge to help with making it a little more user friendly. For sure on some pics of it, everyone loves to look at pics!
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