New Zealand Green Lip Mussels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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leah elisheva

Master of the Pit
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Sep 19, 2013
Seacoast of New Hampshire
Well Merry Christmas You Smoky Sweet Cookies!!!!!!!

And CHEERS to today!

New Zealand Green Lip Mussels help heal achy joints, arthritis, and inflammation (not only in you, but also in your DOGS, cats, and animals)!!!!!!

You can buy the supplement, OR, eat the delicacy itself! (I love eating, and so to have the real deal just makes perfect sense to me)!

Enjoy! Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah

Gorgeous looking platter of mussels! My husband and I were up in Nova Scotia a few years back, and we absolutely loved the mussels up there. Thanks for sharing and bringing back some great memories!

Merry Christmas!
YAY!!!!!! Thank you so much!! (Sweet Cookie)!!! Smiles.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it Clarissa. Indeed!

We love them too!!! (Obviously, as it's Christmas Day, and this is my choice to gobble up).

But how fun on your trip! That must have been sensational! I haven't been there, but can imagine it is a very wonderful experience and that the FOOD must be the freshest of the best!!! I keep hearing amazing things!!! I'll add it to the list!!!!

Merry Christmas indeed!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!! - Leah
Thank you so much Dirtsailor!!!!!!!!!!

That must have been amazing right off the rocks!!! Wild!!!!

Anyway, here's a Merry Christmas wish to you and yours as well!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers! - Leah
Hi Dave!! Merry Christmas!!!!

I actually wake up EACH DAY at 3 a.m., without an alarm, and always have. (I go to bed by 7 though, at night, and so it's an odd system for certain). But here is to today and fabulous things!!!

And MiamiRick, thank you too! Those snow creatures don't look like the Miami-ites I've met, (smiles) but how fantastic!!!!

Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah
Nice work on the mussels ,we get them here but I prefer our local ones that come from the southern states.
We also get a couple of different clams from NZ that are great,tua tua my pick. That's not a stutter that's Maori.
Portuguese pork & clams a great way to eat them. Or chorizo,garlic & chilli or spiced coconut milk or......
If you get the chance there are some great Pinot Gris out of NZ ,to go with those distinctive NZ things like bluff oysters,white bait,blue cod,Hapuka ( a cod) & kina( sea urchin roe).
Leah those look awesome!  Where do you find such things?  I would just be in heaven with them.  How did you prepare them?

When we were very poor, we literally could not afford meat.  I worked in a fishing tackle store near the SoCal coast and got to go out on the fishing boats 2-3 times a week free.  I just had to assist the deck hands and talk up the boat company at the store.  So we ate the most amazing fresh caught today fish most of the week.  I would catch everything from sculpin, bass, halibut, perch, sheephead, rock fish, bonito, barracuda, shark, ling cod and the occasional yellowtail. 

Muscles from the pier posts, and other shell fish I would trade for.

I developed a love of seafood early in life and a taste for very fresh seafood.  So, being here in Utah where the seafood is not very fresh, I am often disappointed by the selection.  It is hard for me to understand that in Vegas 2 hours south there is amazing very fresh seafood, but here there is zero!

So when I see such wonderful seafood like this and the other days Conchs...I just get hungry and a bit green with envy!

Nice job Leah! 

Merry Christmas Mick!

I'm excited to try more New Zealand wines indeed! Thanks for the suggestion! And I LOVE sea urchin roe!!!

You just have so many fantastic treasures there! (And in New Zealand too)!!

Meanwhile, Mel, thank you so much indeed too!

Growing up on all those delicacies from the sea must have been FABULOUS!

I share that love of fish, mollusks and seafood for certain and also eat the whiting, smelts, sardines (whole - head and all) and just love it all!

Here's to great finds from the almighty ocean!

Cheers to all!!!!!! - Leah
I will poke around the wine stores near me & post a few photos of the labels.
Some are very French in style,that Otago region in the South Island a great place to start.
One of my oldest friends was the GM of the MERCURE Hotel in Queenstown,I went to visit a few times. Great food & wine region & NZs best snowfields,adventure sports,trout fishing & further south fjords !
He is now GM of big hotel in Cairns ,whole different scene but good seafood still,think Miami in climate terms. They did 850 for Xmas lunch that's a lot of prawns!
Do you eat your sea urchin roe raw & on its own?
Hi Mick!

Your pal must have really enjoyed his job! And I'd love to learn of some great NZ or Australian wines and then see if I may find them here. (Most of the imported lot from your land is geared toward our grocery shelves and thus pumped with preservatives and junk, and so I'd love to find the good ones devoid of all that jazz).

Meanwhile, I love the raw, sea urchin roe on its own, but also have tried smoking it lightly just for minutes of aroma, and/or topping it over pasta and so forth. Either way, delicious stuff!

Happy fabulous day to you!!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah
Yes we do ship a lot of rubbish over sugared, generic wine to the USA. Yellowtail the best example.We don't drink it here,well nobody I know . I hate it.
You can get better wine in a box!
My mate called me today.Old friends are the best friends. The hotel did 1600 seats for Xmas day. Big day when you are the GM.Locals & tourists ,400 breakfast, 850 lunch the rest dinner. Wrong time year for me but if you are coming from Asia your holidays are when they are. So it's direct flights to Cairns ,Barrier Reef,rainforest tours, seafood buffet, get back on the bus!
I don't know what gets shipped to the USA , Wynns, Wolf Blass, stuff with stupid names,kangaroo Shiraz,koala Chardonnay ?

I will go to FNQ ( far North Queensland) mid year to escape our harsh winter. Do a trip to the reef, go fishing, eat the local food ,( a seperate story in itself) & relax by the pool.I have been maybe x 6 in the last 15 years . Always in a place with a kitchen so I can go to the markets & cook.
FNQ is about reef fish,mud crab ,prawns, crayfish,barramundi,my mate ,who can really cook , has only cooked maybe 5 meals in 6 months inside.Its all outside living.
As usual after looking at Leah's pictures and/or videos :


What a dish !!!
Thank you FrankBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes Mick, you guessed correctly on the names of what comes in here from your pretty land, as far as vino is concerned!

Hence I can't drink them as I am so sensitive to junk added and erupt with "stars and stripes" or very uneven patches of a rash from a reaction - literally! (Not just the rosy 'all over' dilation from alcohol but a scattering of Rorschach blots across my chin, and then chest and upper arms and then a zig zag lightening bolt of a rash down one cheek...(hilarious to write about, but cheap wine with loads of chemicals added really makes me react, unfortunately, or else I'd be able to save a hell of a lot of money)! Smiles.

We have a joke in this house, as to, "If you ant to see if a wine has loads of added junk in it, have Leah drink it! Within minutes my skin reveals it or it doesn't. My husband on the other hand, could drink battery acid, and be fine. No sensitivities, no allergies, no reactions to rot gut vino, nothing. (I'm allergic to wool, wheat, and rot gut wine with weird stuff added in). Sigh.

But, someone has to be the Canary in the coal mine! Smiles. Otherwise, I adore everything!!!!!!!!!!

In any event, that's why I'm careful and buy the bottles I know that won't bother me wine snob as that makes me or not.

ERGO: If you have suggestions on things imported here, or cleaner made picks that MIGHT be available anyway (from your country and also from New Zealand) I'd love to try them!

Meanwhile, that selection of seafood gorging sounds truly magnificent!

Cheers!!!!!! - Leah
These look delicious. I love mussels! I have never thought of smoking them. Unfortunately, the missus isn't keen on them but she does let me treat myself. When we traveled in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, restaurants served buckets of fresh steamed mussels for appetizers. We didn't have nice wine like you did, we had ice cold schooners of beer. Wow!

I agree with your video, we don't celebrate food enough.

Thank you so much Disco!

Your Nova Scotia travels must have been so very wonderful! (A place I haven't been). It sounds so fun!

And yes, here is to celebrating food!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah
Thank you so much Disco!

Your Nova Scotia travels must have been so very wonderful! (A place I haven't been). It sounds so fun!

And yes, here is to celebrating food!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah
With your love of seafood, a trip through the Canadian maritime provinces would be great. My wife is a scallop fanatic and on our trips she has them almost every day prepared in every way imagineable. However, there are also great lobster, mussels, and fish. Add to that some of the best scenery in the world and great people. Dang. I want to go back now,

A question, do the green lip mussels have a different taste from the regular east coast mussels?

Well now that destination sounds like it should be added to my list! There's not a fish or seafood or mollusk I don't like or wouldn't try! How fun Nova Scotia sounds indeed!!!

Yes, the New Zealand mussels do seem to lend more flavor and a thicker more substantial texture or substance to me; although I love all mussels too, and the less "gunked" up, the better - for me that's either plain or doused with oil!

Delicious stuff!!!!! Scallops sound good right about now too! Oh the power of suggestion, right??? Terrific indeed!

Cheers! - Leah is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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