I Grilled The Lamb But Smoked The Yam!

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leah elisheva

Master of the Pit
Original poster
Sep 19, 2013
Seacoast of New Hampshire
Happy Sunday Great Cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's lamb chops were the best on the planet! (If I may be so humble and say so myself). Or they were the best I have ever eaten so far; and I've eaten a lot of them!

Enjoy! And happy new and Very Merry Christmas week ahead! 

Cheers! - Leah

I started with a lovely & luscious little rack of New Zealand grass fed lamb chops...

In keeping with my "minimalistic arrangement" preparation & style; I simply chopped apart the rack, and put the chops into a ziplock bag with a splash of grapeseed oil, Cognac, dried Herbs de Provence, and chopped raw fresh shallots.

That sat in the fridge for an hour and a half.

Then I poked a red garnet yam, cooked it in the microwave for just 6 minutes (to jumpstart it) and sliced that, and put it alongside some raw haricot vert green beans, in a little perforated grill dish. I coated the veggies, and dish, in grapeseed oil.

Then I took my chops out of the fridge/ziplock bag; and they smelled INCREDIBLY FABULOUS!!!!!

The veggie dish went on my mini gas smoker, with hickory chips at about 420 degrees, for 20 minutes.

Even the veggies themselves, smelled sooooooooooooooooo wonderfully while smoking!

The New Zealand little chops, went onto my grill grate, on my little grill with old fashioned charcoal, high heat (maybe 450) for four minutes a side...(when flipping, I scraped more of the shallot mixture that was left on the plate, onto the  chops)...

Then I stood them up on their "fat" side for one minute...

And after assembling in my own simplistic way;  I drizzled olive oil over everything, and sprinkled coarse, gray French sea salt over everything too, (to "finish" it at the table)...

It was so WON-DER-FUL!!!

And cooked to perfection, and so nice and medium rare in the middle yet crispy on the edges and the little shallots and charred up marinade was superb!

I ended up eating with my hands, throughout the entire meal though thought better, to add the fork and knife, well oiled, as to imply that I have manners and a modicum of etiquette. Smiles.

Paired with Bordeaux; this was quite rightfully the best plate of tasty lamb chops ever!!!

Happy Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah The New Zealand Lamb Chop Lover
That's a great way to eat lamb & NZ has great product. Looks brilliant.I have only been to the South Island x2 ,they have great seafood too.
That Otago region Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris much more my taste then the Sav Blanc they churn out from the North Island.
Down the coast now so its I pad only for a while.
I am the only one in my family that likes lamb.

Those are some awesome looking lamb lollies!


PS, why are the lamb rack of ribs called chops?  I thought the chop cut was a different part of the beasty?  Don't want to be critical, I am just curious.  MH
I am the only one in my family that likes lamb.

Those are some awesome looking lamb lollies!


PS, why are the lamb rack of ribs called chops?  I thought the chop cut was a different part of the beasty?  Don't want to be critical, I am just curious.  MH
To me way down here in pretty serious lamb country it gets labelled this way, chump chop is from next to rear leg, loin is loin . What Leah has would be called a cutlet ,then there are for quarter chops( cheap & chewy AKA batchelor chops) & neck chops.
Those New Zealanders produce great lamb but they talk funny .
Hi Leah,

Looks beautiful and delicious! Your rib chops are perfectly cooked, and I love the plated arrangement of haricot verts, garnet yam, and chops.....it looks like a lovely tropical flower.

Thanks for a gorgeous post! Have a great night and Happy Holidays!
Well Good Morning Sweet Cookies & Chops!!!

(I actually DO call everyone, and from the mailman to absolutely EVERYONE a "Cookie," or "Chop," and address my husband even, as "Oh Sexy Husband CHOP, could you please take the dog out...?" Etc. Etc. Thankfully he is well conditioned or used to being referred to as a CHOP. It would be odder if I didn't say it at this point. (How's that for more information than you ever wanted to know)??? Smiles.

Now that we have that straightened out, (if nothing else, you won't think it's weird when I address you as a Cookie or a Chop right), I love learning the proper names for all things food and am delighted that you enjoyed my post.

Clarissa, to hear from you on something like lamb (which is a diversion from my massive habitual mollusk consumption and clearly more in your expertise) is an absolute honor!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

And Mick, you just have the best recipes and access to fabulous things! I wish you'd bring that whole damn incredible Sydney market right HERE! Smiles.

Guruatbol, you are the only one in your family who likes lamb??? Well then, more for you!!!! Smiles.

OK, back to by ocean eating. (Have to enjoy a red meat fix amid it all from time to time though). Amen to that!

Make this new week amazing, (You Fabulous Cookies & Chops), and make today delicious!!!!!!

Cheers! - Leah
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