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We do get that bamboo shoot,but I have a mango tree near me over loaded in fruit that is border line as to if its going to ripen in Sydney.
I will try to swap some lemons for green mango.
I thought if I bumped the brine with those Thai things I would get the flavours to infuse into a thick fillet of blue eye cod then smoke it . Then combine with green mango,pomelo,red onion,greens,peanuts,snake beans, tomato,herbs.
Keep the dressing simple.I leave all the prepared sauces out of it to keep it as pure as I can so Leah can use it .
Wow FrankBe, these photos are sensational! You have the freshest items right there for your grab! It does look like paradise where you are!

And Mick, thank you, it would be great to hear of some of your ideas for simple albeit exotic and healthful too! Bring it on! So very fun! And YOUR food always always looks just masterful and is a treat to even look at on a screen!

WHB; I'm so glad you enjoyed my spin on that food. Happy New Year To You!!!

And Humdinger; thanks so very much! To learn that you and your wife then enjoyed some mussels is such a compliment! If I had even an ounce of upbeat influence in that, then I am beyond flattered and delighted! (And we eat a 2 pound satchel per serving too)! Always. Such wonderful stuff!

Thanks too for nice blog comments on my writing, and for kind video comments too! You cracked me up when you said you're making that "oil scattering sound" as I have always done that, just habitually without thought, for years upon years, (not even sure how it emerged but it surely did), and forget where I am when cooking in front of company etc.; and still make that sound each day and so I LOVE that somewhere, in a kitchen, that contagious enthusiasm spillethed over; and somebody out there is making that happy sound as they dazzle their plate with luscious oil! FANTASTIC!!!!

In any event, your very thoughtful remarks are most certainly appreciated, and it is nice to know that others enjoy eating this way indeed! This site is a daily gift with the myriad of menus and magnificent personalities and flavors from all over the world! Just WON-DER-FUL!!!!!

Happy Tuesday to all! Make today delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers! - Leah
Hi Mick! I'm only now seeing your post about the combination of green mango, red onion etc. (I think my alerts were absent a bit, as I have not seen certain posts lately, but now see it anyway, and THAT combo sounds fabulous)!!! Wonderful in fact! Right up my alley!

OH, and Humdinger, I hope your wife's joints and such improve! Those New Zealand Green Lip mussels work WONDERS! I've seen them radically change my own Dad; and one of my Dogs even too! Terrific little medicinal gems!!!!!!

Cheers! - Leah
That essential Thai ingredient fish sauce has 3 % sugar not much,rice vinegar nothing.
Those salads are a lot about the dressing ,fish sauce ,lime juice ,vinegar,palm sugar.
I have this idea of using pomelo with the green mango,cucumber,bell pepper,snake bean,mint leaves,cilantro.
I think I might use that coconut drink in the brine,so I can back the sugar off a bit. I will just bash the ginger,lemon grass& turmeric shred the lime leaf.
It's a very tropical summer dish I suppose its a way to use mangos that fall before they are ripe. I think it's a fit for your cooking style might give you something new for the rotation. No idea where you are going to get green mango.
Happy brand new and beautiful week to all!!

Thank you tons for nice comments!

MEL, I am delighted that "bar has been raised" in your home (smiles) and that my food brought some enjoyment to you both in any way! So very kind!

VAQ, Thank you for the nice comments! As you'll see in the photo here, I am a sea urchin FAN! I prefer it raw, but add a "smoked" quite gorgeous glob from time to time, to many things, just for that creamy pop of color, as you astutely pointed out, and for the flavor! Such delightful stuff! I admire your great taste!

Fred, thank you tons! Indeed, it is exotic (albeit healthful and minimalistically arranged - those two elements a MUST) foods which I prefer!

I haven't eaten rattlesnake but would certainly sample some if given a nice healthful (no gunk, no mayo, no butter, no breading etc.) opportunity!


I love smoked alligator and have of course eaten lion and some "exotic" things...Zebra chops are on my "wish list" to try, along with raw horse meat steak tartare, starfish or seahorse on a stick, (although I bet those would be deep fried), and roasted peacock intrigues me some, but isn't as tempting as the ZEBRA.

In any event, who is that ADORABLE creature (is it a Yorkie) in your profile photo???? Amazing!!!

MICK, I would love to explore more with such and perhaps during 2014 you and FrankBe can help guide me toward such spices and ingredients more! It all sounds so fabulous!

I've made what I used to refer to as "orgasmic chicken" (can I type that on here or will I be kicked off) which was roasted in grapeseed oil and OYSTER brine, and then had crunchy Szechuan peppercorn on it, and it was delicious! It will be fun to learn, and do more!

Bear55, Thank you for sweet sentiments! Happy 2014!

And FrankBe, thank you, as always! It's these winter seasons which do TEMPT me to start drifting into fabulous imagery of moving to some moister place filled with fish and fantastic and healthful ingredients! For now plugged in Humidifiers are a must!!! Thanks for gracious comments! Your recent seafood looked superb too!

Happy marvelous Monday to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers! - Leah

Yes, Leah, that's our little porky Yorkie, (she's a bit chubby), named Isabel. We call her Izzy. I hope Yorkies aren't on your gourmet bucket list. :icon_lol:
Hey Leah

What's this about green lipped mussels and dog's joints???  Missed it totally. Just so we don't bore the people who were bright enough to catch it the first time around, just PM me.  I have two 5 year old black labs with arthitis--any help would be appreciated.  Have a great day Hon

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