New Upgraded BBQ Area!

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kevin james

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Jul 30, 2012
Sacramento, CA
So... my yard is very small to begin with, and the whole thing was on a slope when I bought the house, so a few years ago I flattened out a good portion of it and put in a paver stone patio.

That was cool for a while, but it still needed work and I decided it was finally time, so here's what I did. I flattened out more of the yard to within two feet of the back fence, put in a block retaining wall, and extended the paver stone patio all the way to the wall. Then i installed electrical outlets in several spots around the perimeter, and last, I put in a 10x12 pergola to put all my stuff under. I wanted the pergola super tall to give plenty of room for smoke to dissipate, so it's 12.5 ' tall in the back, with a roof that slopes to 11.5' in the front where there is a gutter with gutter guard and a rain chain which drains right into a French drain behind the wall.

It was just finished this week and and I just got all my cookers in place and set up so I'm super excited.

Here's the pics!

Here's a good view of the whole setup

The main area with my Blue Smoke offset by Big Phil's, 36" Blackstone 4 burner, and a 30x48 stainless prep table

The corner which houses my Ooni Karu 16 Pizza oven, two 4x4 wood racks for the offset, and my little electric log splitter in case I need to do any processing on my wood.

My other cookers, including my Pellet Pro 2300 Vertical pellet pooper for weeknight duty or when I need a lot of capacity, My PK100 Electric smoker for sausage, bacon, and jerky, and my Weber's, including a 22" Master Touch kettle, a 22" WSM, and a little Smokey Joe.

And a front shot of the main area.
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Gotchya a nice little area to hang out now... Great job...

And you weren't kidding when you said a small area
Yeah, it's a tiny yard. Because of that, I also strategically planned it so almost all of my cookers are along the perimeter. The only things that are not along the perimeter are the Blackstone, and the prep table. But both of those are on wheels and super light and easy to move. So if needed for something, then all I need to do is move those two things and pretty much the entire yard is opened up. My two small dogs are loving it as they have more room to run around now and stalk the squarels that like to run along the back fence lol.
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Thanks for the kind words everyone. This project was a long time coming, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.
WOW! Super nice set up. But I didnt see a drink fridge......You know its a long walk from the cooker to the fridge in the house. :emoji_sunglasses: :emoji_wink:

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How many wheelbarrows did you wear out getting the dirt out of the area? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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