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  1. Greetings y'all, my name is Dave and live in Montana. I am the Post Commander for one of the VFW post here and am just getting into smoking. I have one of those grillmaster grilles with a smokere box on the side. I dont know how well these work but will find out soon. Been BBQing for ever and even in the dead of winter, hard cause of the very low temps but can't stop BBQing. Call me a red neck cause I  r one. Glad to have found this sight and looking forward to getting help and learning from y'all on how to smoke every thing under the sun. The VFW does a summer BBQ every year and thought that doing some smoking would add to our picnic and every thing else I do during the year. Looking forward to chatting with ya.
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    Dave Welcome to SMF lots of good info here, use the search bar and don't be afraid to ask questions.
  3. New to forum. Just learning the ins & outs. Looks like a great informative site.
  4. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a cloudy and chilly day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

    And thank you for your service

  5. Glad you joined the group. The search bar at the top of any page is your best friend.
    About anything you wanna know about smoking/grilling/curing/brining/cutting or slicing
    and the list goes on has probably been posted. Remember to post a QVIEW of your smokes.
    We are all smoke junkies here and we have to get our fix. If you have questions
    Post it and you will probably get 10 replies with 11 different answers. That is
    because their are so many different ways to make great Q...
    Happy smoken.

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