New Smoking Toys???

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Apr 17, 2006
Garden City, MO
Surely by now everyone has been to all their Christmas parties and got your inventory figured out, so lets have it.

What really neat smoking stuff did ya get for Christmas?
Got a bigger propane tank, (gonna haveta make the hose longer on my GOSM) as it's a 30# tank. Also got a ET-73 which I need to call Maverick about due to the switch on the receiver being broken.
I forgot to share my Christmas booty.

I got a Chef's Choice Model 130 3-stage sharpener, a Thermapen Instant Read thermometer, a six-piece Furi knife set w/ block, and a pair of them Bear Paw meat shredders.
Meat shreeders...forgot to put them on my Christmas list. Birthday comming soon.
I will be ordering my own presents!I will be ordering a thermometer most likely the Maverick.Also ordering the burner for the new creation!
I didnâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t get nuttin! Course, wifey said wtf do you call that stainless steel monstrosity sitting on the porch…chopped liver? :evil:

p.s. Sheâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s trying to pass off my new smoker as an early christmas present! The audacity! Why I never…! :oops:
Wish I could say that I got some new smoking toys. All I got that is even remotely related is a new recliner that I can sit in and watch my remote thermo unit.

LOL about the smoked Christmas Cookies.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Hey Meowey keep the old recliner...It would be a great thing to set in and have a cold one while watching the smoker outside....My gifts were all in the clothing line so I bought myself two new fairway woods the old ones might be adaptable somehow to smoker tending....maybe use the shafts for straws from the keg to the chair? an extra if ya want it!!

I have a bunch of golf shafts around here. I used to build my own clubs. Will have to ponder some smoking related usage. Right now they get used to tie up some of the large plants in the flower beds.

BTW - The old recliner would be an eyesore in the yard. I think it's going to a far, far better place. I have a great canvas folding chair that I watch the smoker from. It has drink holders built in to the arms. (Holds the pre-vaporized bourbon)


Take care, have fun, and do good!


hello hello--
i got a model 100 chefs choice knife sharpener..

it wont get much duty --as i will only pull it out maybe 3 or 4 times a yr.

its main duty will be to keep sharp 2 kichen and 4 boners sharp--

cheeeese--its so easy to use---
Christmas and a birthday with a request for any cool smoking stuff available and I got a Seal-A-Meal and B-B-Que Tres Set (sauce, oil, and rub). But it's all good :)
way ahead of me on thermometers,I hope the accurites do better for you than mine.It died after 2 smokes and I called them and they wont have replacement probes till mid january.I am gonna order the maverick today.
Been pretty busy this past year. The wife and I put off christmas for a few weeks. I still have time to place my order. I'd even settle for a bag of good charcoal :)

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