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Original poster
Oct 6, 2017
Hey Guys,

So I finally got my first 'big boy' smoker and am going to be seasoning it this weekend. Last time on my old smoker all I did was coat the inside of the drum with bacon grease and let it run for a few hours at 250-275.

My question is I want to get this one started off right since I have a much larger investment in it and have seen grumblings on here and other forums before about people seasoning both the outside of their smoker and seasoning the inside/outside of their firebox.

Thoughts on this? I can see the appeal of maybe spraying some pam on the inside of the firebox after smoking just to it doesn't burn off but I'm kind of iffy on doing anything outside so I don't have a sticky dirt magnet on my hands.

Any help would be appreciated. Since I know you will all ask, pictures are below on the new rig. I'm excited to get her going.

Fire that puppy up to 300-400 and let it run a few hours to burn off anything, then wash the racks and start cooking, no oil needs sprayed on it , the smoke and heat will carry moisture and grease/fat and spread it where it needs to be. You might want to shoot the racks with some spray oil and that's about it. Congrats on a new smoker, keep it covered good in between cooks and it will outlast all of us, also keep the firebox cleared out as that will draw a lot of moisture due to the dry ashes left in it. think heat sink but its a moisture sink .
One thing for certain it will discolor around the firebox and you will see come surface rust. Cheap or expensive it will eventually happen if you use it. Coat it down with vegetable oil and heat around 300 for a few hours. Store under cover if possible
Thanks guys, will definitely keep it covered when not in use. I may try coating the inside of the firebox with some pam after I've seasoned it but other than that nothing fancy. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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