seasoning smoker

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  1. S

    Finishing coat on a new offset fab job

    Hi guys I'm in the midst of completing a custom build for a horizontal offset. I was thinking of leaving the steel raw finish and season it with canola oil spray later. I have a question about the legs and the storage tray which i am putting at the legs. I would like to coat it with oil as...
  2. Sunlovers2

    Why is my new Old Country BBQ Pits Wrangler smoker so Sticky inside

    I just bought a new Old Country BBQ Pits Wrangler model this past weekend. While at Academy Sports, I noticed that all of the OCB Pits' smokers had a Sticky coating covering the entire inside surface of Both the cook chamber and the fire box doors & walls. I assume it is some type of oil or...
  3. S

    New Smoker!

    Hey Guys, So I finally got my first 'big boy' smoker and am going to be seasoning it this weekend. Last time on my old smoker all I did was coat the inside of the drum with bacon grease and let it run for a few hours at 250-275. My question is I want to get this one started off right since I...
  4. C

    Help a rookie!

    Good morning y'all! I just bought my first house and a masterbuilt 30" electric smoker to match- I bought it from a gentleman who used oven cleaner to clean it and now has left a residue. What is the best way to clean out the chemical residue to make sure it is good to season then smoke some...
  5. Smokin SA

    New to BBQ and keen to get Smokin!

    I have a newly built custom off set smoker & would love some insight as to how best to treat and season it before cooking. The main chamber is an old boiler. Any advice would be greatly appreciated bbq masters?
  6. S

    Assembled my Highland yesterday

    I just assembled my Highland yesterday and seasoned it for about six hours. Just a couple of observations and responses to other posts I've seen. Easy enough to do solo although having a second set of hands to hang the firebox (FB) would have been nice. Drilled four more holes for the FB so...
  7. S

    Wash before use

    I just received a tube smoker yesterday and plan to use it on today's smoke. Can I just wash it with soap and water or do I have to season it on the grill prior to use?
  8. L

    Curing vs Pre-Season New Electric Smoker

    Hello, I have a brand new Electric Smoker (Aldi Brand Range Master). Looking at the manual it tells me I need to Pre-Season and Also Cure before first use, however the instructions are slightly different for both and I am not sure what to follow 1. Pre-Season A. Water bowl in place no water...
  9. Hismokin

    Brand new to The Forum

    Greetings everyone, I'm Hismokin. I joined the forum yesterday and I have a question. I bought a Dyna-Glo wide-body vertical offset charcoal smoker and yes I'm very new to smoking meats. My question is, after I seal up my smoker how long should I wait before seasoning my smoker? Please Help.