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  1. D

    New Fully Insulated Vertical Offset Build

    This is my first post here. Some images below of my build. This was done from re-purposed metal. The inside is mostly 3mm (1/8) metal. The insulation is rockwool and the outer frame is 1.5mm aluminium. The insulation is throughout, even in the doors. Now one might ask why such an...
  2. B

    Lots of questions

    I am building a PID controller. I have read lots of the posts and do not totally get all of them. My question has to do with mounting the temp probe in the smoker. I am going to have drill a hole. But what do I need mount it? I know (or think) that I should NOT use galvanized pipe. But to use? I...
  3. S

    New Smoker!

    Hey Guys, So I finally got my first 'big boy' smoker and am going to be seasoning it this weekend. Last time on my old smoker all I did was coat the inside of the drum with bacon grease and let it run for a few hours at 250-275. My question is I want to get this one started off right since I...

    New member, New build

    Hi all, I had reviewed this forum since January, looking for tips, as I started to build my new smoker/cooker. Thanks for all the info I came across and my new build was a success, with a first turkey cook last week! To start, I wanted to buy a "smoker-cooker" with rotisserie and infrared...
  5. S

    Need help with a unique build would love to pick someones Brain on it!!!!

    Hello I am building a 36 " by 60" smoker and it is a bit unique im going to put the fire box in the pit use the top of the box as a griddle and use 4x4 tubing to basically plumb the smoke to the rest of the pit just wondering if anyone else thinks this idea will work or has a better idea? Im...
  6. A

    Smoker Design

    I have a 55 inch length of 24 inch, .375 wall pipe that I want to build a smoker out of. I have looked at Feldon's design page, but I have a few questions: 1) I don't have any 3/8inch plate. Would 5/16 plate be sufficient for the ends, or should I be using 1/2 inch? 2) Based on...
  7. BDubz

    New mini smoker build

    Here is my mini tailgater size smoker build. Took 3 days to get this far, need ideas for paint. Does high temp engine paint work? Or are we stuck with BBQ high temp only? Still have wheels to add and a firebox door latch. I had so much fun building another big sized smoker that I decided to do a...