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  1. S

    New Smoker!

    Hey Guys, So I finally got my first 'big boy' smoker and am going to be seasoning it this weekend. Last time on my old smoker all I did was coat the inside of the drum with bacon grease and let it run for a few hours at 250-275. My question is I want to get this one started off right since I...
  2. Meat&Smoke

    Finally Got my 500 Gallon

    Hello Everyone, Brand spanking new to the site but have been a longtime admirer for YEARS, started my journey on a crappy Charbroil offset 10 years ago and have been in love with BBQ ever since. Came to this site for different mods and such, since then I have been patiently planning and...
  3. mstphrchrstphr

    New smoker. Need to clean/season and prep for weekend smoke

    I've been using a COS for a few months now and saw a smoker for sale I needed to jump on. It comes from a guy who was a welding student and made a smoker for a project, but never used it after it was done. I seasoned my COS when it arrived and everything seemed to work well. My question is...