New smoker fist brisket smoke

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Feb 3, 2009
Randall wi
Not a better way to break in a new smoker than with a brisket for New Year’s Eve. In my case brisket chunks #4, and two #3.8.
Started smoker about 5am meat on at 6 was the plan. All was going great till I put the #4 chunk on the rack. No sooner on the rack and the rack fell onto my water pan. You can imagine what happened.
At this point I was worried about my element. Fortunately all seemed ok.
After the inconvenience it took sometime to reheat to my set temp of 225o about 3hrs. All in all things went as planned. Meat temp came to 170o. I wrapped them individually then increased temp to 230o. About 8 hrs to get this completed.


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Forgot to add. I let the chunks rest to 175o then in the cooler for 2hrs. Then set outside to cool. It was about 30o. Then in the fridge for New Year’s Eve. I smoked this on Saturday.

Now to the rack issue. While seasoning the smoker I did notice the racks seemed not to sit snugly. Felt it was ok. I had removed the racks so im sure that placement had changed. Should not make a difference.

All in all I’m happy with the outcome. All raved about the flavor and tenderness.


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Looks good from here. Like your setup on the MES....Got all the mods out of the way early.

Look how nice and shiny.
All the electronic boxes on top look like some of the labs I used to work in.
Everything looks great! Love the setup!

I like how it’s vented to the outside but I’m guessing that doesn’t help much when you open the door? Is that in the house or garage?

Not that I would be opposed to the smell in the house hehe. 😉 is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.