New Smoker and tomorrow is gameday

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Dec 27, 2013
Hey guys and gals,

   I got a MES smoker for Christmas (model 20070312) and will be using it tomorrow.  I live in Kentucky so we see a wide range of temperatures, tomorrow it will be about 45 to 50degrees while I am cooking/smoking.

I have read a few posts about the MES on here.......

Sure its not the best smoker ever but it will do me just fine.  Being able to move it easily, electric and a few other features makes it work out well for me.   I have grilled, baked, brined, seared ect before but never really smoked.

My favorite team has a basketball and football game tomorrow so 7 friends and I will be getting together for the games.   I plan on using the smoker tomorrow and hope to cook a couple different meats on it and then some random items like vegetables and/or stuffed jalapenos. However being this is my first time I also don't want to get in over my head (which I probably already am).

Any tips, advise or recommendations on a couple meats or veggies would be great.    I thought about chicken wings (fast to cook, most people like them, can shove a lot on a rack), maybe a pork loin or something else.  Its my first go around........ so ill be using some grocery store wood chips, probably apple, if my friend cant find his bourbon ones.  Looking for something that wont take 16 hours to cook maybe 3 to 5 hours cook times would fit tomorrows schedule. I have tonight and tomorrow morning to prep or marinade.

Thanks in advance!
Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   
[/h1][h1]  [/h1][h1]Gary[/h1]
Not sure just yet BWK180 .   Chicken wings for sure just to please the masses.   Not decided on the 2nd meat..... any suggestions?
Chicken and Sausage, easy and something everybody likes, well most people

If you want to do an appetizer ofsome sort I like to cut japeleno in half and stuff them with cream cheese and a small piece of prok and wrap them in bacon. You can either grill those or smoke them since you will have it fired up. I believe they call them grasshoppers in Texas if Gary s wants to chime in on this and help explain them more and if he has and tips. That you and I could use. Good luck!!!
Chicken is great. use light smoke, and just salt and pepper. Let the smoke do its magic on the chicken. Remember its an electric and not a fireburner. You lose time and temp every time you open the door.

Lets see 7 buddies should equal about 4 chickens.....LOL... I bet its still cheaper feeding 'em that buying the refreshments., right?
Thanks Foam, BWK and Gary

I am going to do wings.  The smoked wings or smoked hot wings from looks like something I will try tomorrow.  

The Jalapenos are definitely a must!!!
Jalapeno Poppers or Armadillo Eggs  whatever you call them they are great and always a hit. Down here, especially at Dove season we take a dove breast put a jalapeno inside, wrap it in bacon and grill um.    That's some good eating.

Good luck with whatever you smoke. Just be sure to season that cooker before first use in case you haven't done it yet.
Chicken wings and some abt (jalapeño and sweet pepper ones). Didn't get to crazy spent all yesterday in the hospital visiting a family member. Not to mention its wings and abt so it hard to mess those up lol. Just popped them in my smoker. Funny thing during the preseason. It flamed up and shot the chip tray out the side !
:eek: I am also new here, and new to the mes 40. However I learned something about chips. I seasoned with larger chips dry and all went well. My new chips I got from amazon are very small dusty shavings/shredded wood, these flame up dry. So I have to soak em for about 20mins. These are so fine, that even soaked they smoke instantly. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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