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Jan 30, 2010
Rocklin, CA
Thought Id post a couple pictures of the new smoker I'm building.  Forgot to take some in progress shots up to this point but I will take a few more as I go. 

So far as it sits I'm into this smoker a total of.... not one cent.   Well unless we count the welding wire, a couple cut off wheels, and the electricity to run everything.

The in-laws own a truck body shop so I have free access to the scrap bin and i picked the tanks up at a local propane business for free.

Looks great and the price is even better.
Hog, that is a good looking build you got going! I can't wait to see some more pics as you go along.  I would not mind having one about that size, my father is retired and has all the welding and cutting stuff in the garage, would like to put him to work on a build like that.  Keep us updated.

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Got some more done on it today. Cost went up a bit. After the wheels, drain valve, paint, thermometer, one by one angle, and some expanded metal, I think ill be into this for 80 bucks.

Still have to do the cover over the chimney, the firebox air intake, and tank and firebox handles. Also the front work tray.

Thinking about making little grates on the sides of the main cooking grate to make a larger cooking area.

Really wish I had a sand blaster to prep for paint.



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That looks awesome dood!!  You may want to consider doing another one of these and selling it for profit to cover your $80 here!  Could be a nice little side business for ya.  Once you have the templates down I would figure it would be easier and faster and you seem to have the means and skill to do it!
I actually have a 70g tank sitting here for another patio build and a 250g tank waiting to be turned into a nice trailer build. Gonna try to sell those and make a few bucks to cover some of the materials for future projects.

The build in this thread here is going to be a surprise gift for my brother. And he better be extremely happy and thankful for it or I'll have to start taking applications for a new brother =)
Nice work!, I know what you mean about wishing you had a sand blaster for prep...nothing like a few hours with a grinder and wire-wheel breathing rust and old paint.

I might have missed it but what size of tank is it made out of?
This one is a 60 gallon tank. 20in dia

And thank you all for the compliments on the build.
Awesome build, clean and to the point. 

It looks really good man.

I have a 16" dia x 42" long rf on steel wagon wheels out front that I am tryin to decide on a selling price during these dog days of poorness and high gas prices.

Its 3/8 wall pipe and I would like to think its worth near what a similar oak joes is worth but I think it will sit here for a long time at that price.

Again, very nice work.
Ok finally got it finished up, turned out ok I think.  This one was a lot faster than my first one due to the new toy. Plasma cutters are so worth the money.

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Looks good. 

Did ya catch a deal on the 51?

My little 375 xtreme don't hold a candle to yours. Nice find. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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