New member says HI

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Well......I'll ask you like I do all the folks out of the US....Occasionally Share pics of home for you. I like to see places I'll never get a chance to visit.

Hi again folks,
Just got phone back from repairs,
I can certainly add some scenery pics to go with my food pics, the last pig we did was down at a local river camping, but the next one planned is on the west coast of the South Island, so will be sure to take the scenery into account for those that are interested.

And holy cured and smoked duck feet, WTF is with the adds on this site….? It took me half an hour to write this, since my keyboard disappears every 3 letters and accidentally click on an add I’ve already closed, then need to come back to page and start again…….
G just get it, but where’s the close button for the first 5 mins of the add, and stealing my keyboard isn’t very nice.

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