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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by foxman333, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. Well, I have been pulling info off this sight for the better part of 10 months now, and I decided its time to start contributing. I built my own smoker. I put a lot of time in doing research and learned a lot as I was building it that id like to share for someone else who would rather go the dyi route. I will be posting a thread with photos from start to finish and will be willing to answer any questions that anyone has! Hopefully it will help someone else out there!
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    Howdy neighbor !

     I've been her all of about an hour or so but welcome aboard !!!  [​IMG]

    Looking forward to you post with pics !!

  3. chestnutbloom

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  4. Thank you! Got the post up finally! Hope it helps someone, somewhere!
  5. Hey Foxman, welcome to the forum, looking forward to you post.

    Gary S
  6. hambone1950

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    :welcome1: , Foxman. Look forward to seeing that smoker.
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    Welcome to the forum from Lansing Foxman.  And what a great forum it is to learn the art of smoking everything.

    We have a Michigan group here.          

    If you get a chance check it out and join if you have not done so yet.

    We are going to have a get together this year and I hope you can make it.

    It’s always nice to see another Michigander here.


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