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Original poster
Dec 29, 2005
Omaha, Nebraska
New to smoking. I bought a Brinkmann vertical smoker last year thinking it was a good buy. I havn't been able to get it hot enough. So I am looking for help with this smoker or advice on a new one. I am looking at buying a new braunfels type smoker, or buying a gas smoker by masterbuilt.
I prefer smoking pork butts or loins.
Welcome Fly!! Let me tell you---I FEEL YOUR PAIN!! I had one of those and It was a very poor design. I drilled some holes in the fire pan for air flow and put a piece of expanded metal in the bottom to raise the coals up a bit . This helped a little , but if there was any kind of wind or cold weather I was fighting a looseing battle. It now has a new home at the City Dump :)

Welcome Fly

Just to be clear, are we talking about a Brinkman bullet (which I think Spice is talking about) or is it the Smoke King Deluxe which has the firebox offset to a vertical chamber?
Greetings Fly,
Welcome to the forum. I can also feel your pain. Although my ECB produced fairly good results, I had to just about work myself to death to produce good Q. I actually got away from smoking for a number of years until I found this forum. I then move up to an off set horizontal smoker. And with the help of members of this forum, I've acutally produced some really good meat with a reasonable amount of labor. Good luck!!
Hi Flyaway, I have an ECB that works fine after some modifications. If you go with a different smoker, get one that is larger than you need. Once word gets out that the meat is in the smoker, strangers will show up for dinner too! :D
Thanks for the welcome. The exact smoker I currently have and am getting ready to trash is a Brinkmann Vertical Smoker. It has no adjustable airflow system at all and even during the hot summer I would have to pull the meat off, wrap in foil and finish cooking it on my gas grill. That was after 4 hours in the smoker!!!!
I went today and put the Masterbuilt 7-n-1 gas/charcoal smoker on layaway. I am still torn between it( which has the convience of gas and ability to get and stay hot with little work), or a New Braunfels style smoker with the offset fire box( which I feel in love with while living in Texas.) I wish I would have just bought one of those there, before I moved up here to Omaha. I know the traditionalist would suggest the second smoker, but gas is pretty convienent.
Hi my name is Jennifer I live in the mountains of North Carolina. I am a newbie to smoking.
  Good morning and welcome to the forum, from another wet and cold day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

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