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  1. Hi. First time here. I wish to learn. I just bought a Masterbuilt electric smoker with the glass door. I have seasoned it per the instructions. now i would like to try it out. i am going to pick up a 4-5Lb Beef rump roast. I am using hickory chips for smoke. Now I read that I have the fat cap up. Coat the roast with olive oil. Make a few slits in the fat cap and insert garlic cloves, and put on some sea salt, and black pepper. I should cook it at 250 and at 20 minutes per pound untill I get to a internal temp of 135.

    Now the smoking part I am not sure of. One cook where I work said to smoke for most of my cooking time. Untill my last hour. Then just let it cook. I have a water pan, but don't know what to put in it. Any help?? Thanks..
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    You've got a great smoker there, the only thing I recommend is a Amazen pellet smoker. Todd is a sponsor here and you'll see his ad. Works MUCH better than using chips in your smoker.

    I don't typically smoke beef roasts but there are plenty of knowledgable people here that I'm sure will chime in.

    As for the water pan, some put water in it, some put sand in it, some, including myself put nothing in it.
  3. Can I run pellets in it?? Would I have to soak them as well?? The smoker is electric..
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    Welcome aboard!

    A moderator will by soon asking you to add your location to your profile.  It really does help us to help you.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  5. I've just done it. Thanks.
  6. I use water in mine.. The water pan that is..
  7. Done a little more would be ok, but to have them smell so bad and taste about the same. Almost like it was rolled around in a house on fire.. I don't think hickery is suspose to smell like that. Out of a 4lb roast. 4" on either side was super well done.. A 4lb roast in less than 2hrs..
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    Welcome to the forums... If you could/would please give more particular's to your smoke...water ? sand? chips? chunks? soaked? temps? As you will find out, most all electric users use the Amazen Pellet Smoker instead of "burning" chips/chunks in the wood pan... that's what gave you the burnt flavor (i'm think'n)...
  9. Welcome to the forums!!!  Always glad to see another person join. 

    As for your question,  I smoke alot of roasts cause I have alot of them in my freezer as I usually buy a whole cow every year for the freezer. 

    Whenever I smoke my roast, I just season it with my own rub.  Wrap it and let it sit over night.  Before I put it on the smoker, I usually set it out on the kitchen table for an hour before I put it in the the smoker and usually start my smoker an hour before I put the meat in.  As for the water pan, I always put water in it.  And my roast have always turned out perfect.  I have always used hickory chips, but I am planning on using apple wood here soon sometime.  I will smoke my roasts between 225 to 250 and I usually let mine get to 140 to 145 IT.  I have some pictures up of some roasts I have done in the past.  Good luck and Everything will go good.  Any more questions, Dont be scared to ask.  !!!!
  10. Masterbuilt is sending me a new head unit. Even they said there is a major problem there. Just putting out to much heat. I have a MES 20071111. I used chips, and they caught fire. Wet or dry they both caught on fire. A 4lb roast didn't go low and slow. Just fast. Less than 2hrs. My pan had water in it, and the vent was fully open. The taste was like chewing on some burnt pine. That is after the good beef roast was rolled in that same burnt pine.. I was using hickery. Now I am a little afraid of doing it again. It was over $17.00 for a piece of meat I had to throw away.
  11. Could I see the pictures?? I would like to know what they are suppose to look like. I am getting a part from Masterbuilt to fix my smoker. I am a little afraid to do this again. That was over $17.00 thrown in the trash. I would like to try some pork chops next. We have never had any good pork chops before. if i go to the meat market to get them I don't know what to ask for, and I really don't want to have to throw it away either.. Is there some set code as to how long different meats should smoke??, and how many trays of chips are needed??

    Now I see some are talking about pellets.. With my smoker.. There is a tube in the side where a tray can slide in and out. Chips can go in this tray and dumped onto the burn plate. I am going to try this over again though. I did see some other chips out there for sale. Jack Danials Burbon chips. They make the chips from the Burbon barrels. I am not sure what I would use this burbon Oak chips for though either??
  12. How long to smoke meat comes down to personal preference.  Only you can decide what's the right amount of smoke flavour for your taste, so trial and error is the name of the game in my experience. Other, more experienced people than me can probably offer more insight into how long to smoke with different wood types (our choices are somewhat limited here in Australia compared to you guys across the pond), but if you want to avoid having to throw away another piece of meat because of smoke overkill, my advice would be to aim for the not quite enough smoke "end of the spectrum".  If you do that, worst case scenario you're going to end up with a cooked piece of meat with "some" smoke taste, compared to if you have "too much" smoke taste which can make it unpleasant to eat if it's too overpowering/bitter.


  13. Alot of people use too much wood I only put 2 or 3 chunks in my smokin-it model 1

    Welcome from Minnesota we have a lake place in Ely!!
  14. Well I live in Duluth. Right next to the BIG LAKE SUPERIOR..

    My part just came to fix my MES. My wife and myself have never really had smoked meat before. I thought I would give it a try. It is just the two of us, so lots of ribs is out. I would like to try pork chops in it, I would only try maybe on tray of chips. I don't want to over kill any thing. Try it slow. I can always add more chips, but can't take it away. Now is there something special to look for in doing pork chops??
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    welcome and enjoy.............SMF is the best for your smoking needs..........and more.............
  16. I had a problem with my first atempt at smoking. The heat was way to much for much of anything. The temp read 250. The heat was so much that it started both dry and wet chips on fire. I now have a new head unit. It kind of looks like it may have been rebuilt. Small scratches on the face of the unit, and a slight smell of smoking in it. Should I do a test of this unit by turning it on, and getting the temp up to the top.. That is 275, then drop a meat probe threw the vent mid way down and take a temp reading to see if it is close to the 275??
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    I did chops on my MES with just salt and pepper.  I put in the meat probe and cooked to temperature.  I used peach chips at the time.  Start out with a mellow wood like apple and you mayhave better results.  I love hickory on pork, but it may not always hit the mark with beef.  I like mesquite with beef, but it is also a strong wood. 

    I loved the peach, but it is hard for me to get locally.  I hope that helps.
  18. With your MES.. Could i go out and cut a branch off the apple tree, and cut it into small pieces on the band saw and use them?? or would a dead branch be better??
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    By all means use wood from your apple tree... but it has to be seasoned (dead,dry).. green wood will put out to much bad smoke (creosote)
  20. I also have cherry trees.. How would cherry wood be with pork??

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