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Original poster
Hi Every body,

New to the forum, haven't had any experience smoking meat.. only eating it.

So i decided to make a UDS after seeing how a lot of people did theirs. I'm seasoning mine... for the last 3 hours, and just decided to throw a chicken on and see what happens. The only thing I had for a rub, Lemon Pepper. We'll see how it goes!!!!

Next weekend will be the Pork Butt!!! I got the brine recipe from this forum and today is day 1 of 7. Now for a good rub recipe!!!

I look forward to trying out all the different recipes, rubs, brine's and  sauce's

I'm in Northern California, AKA The Bay Area. 

Keep on Smoking

  Welcome Jim! Glad you found us!  Might I suggest you check out Jeff's free 5 day e-course and then start asking questions. Plenty of folks here happy to help you out!!

Good morning Jim, glad you joined up.How did you chicken turn out? Keep us posted on the pork butt too.

Gary S
So I started out seasoning my UDS, Full pot of coal & wood (I soaked the wood in water for 20 min) and let 'er rip, all vent's open and temp guage on the grill. after an hour the temp reach 379F. For the next few hour I played with the shut off valves (3) to see what temps I was getting. 6 hours into it I thought what a waste of good SMOKING, so I quickly butterflied a chicken. No real rub in the house. I'm new at this...If you couldn't tell.

So I grabbed me some Lemon Pepper and put it all over the chicken and threw her on the UDS. I kept the temp around 300F. 2 Hours later (almost 9pm) she was at 160F. The skin wasn't crispy so I threw her on the grill for about 5 min-10 min. Skin crisped up, she was at 167F DONE!!!

WOW, Holy Cow!!!

It was amazing!!! I've never had chicken come out so good. 

I turned off the smoker (shut all valves and vent) This morning while cleaning up I found about a 1/2 cup of liquid in the bottom of the UDS. I'm thinking the wood was too wet when I put it in. Cleaned the water & grate up. I found about 1/3rd of the coals/wood are still good, saved them!!! 

Now thinking what next to smoke..... I do have a Butt in the brine, but that's for next weekend.

Now it's time to read Jeff's  5 day e-course. Get a few Rub, mop, and sauce recipes, and on my way.

Cheers every one
Hey Jim, hello and welcome. Congrats on the smoker and your success . Nothing like trying something for the first time and it turn out better that expected.

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