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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by fishhead5, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    New guy here from Washington that loves smoking fish. My smoker is homemade, 4'x4'x10'. I use a propane burner and a cast iron skillet to hold the wood. The nice thing about living here in Washington is, when I'm ready to smoke fish, I head out in the back yard and find a nice green maple for some good smoke. [​IMG]

    The smokehouse is about ten years old. It is double walled and insulated.
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    Welcome to SMF. I bet you get lots of fish to smoke up there.
  3. nwdave

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    Welcome aboard.  Now that is one fine smoker.  There's quite a few other members from the Pacific Northwest around and they'll be chiming in.  And before somebody else asks, you got any special secrets you want to pass along about smoking salmon or any fish for that matter.  I like to do Halibut as well (of course Tuna is also right up there) and I've found that there is a big interest in smoking fish on this site.
  4. I don't have any real big secrets. I use a simple salt, white sugar, brown sugar, water, wet brine. I think the secret is the green wood. I start it off in the morning with a real low heat for the first five hours. Then as that nice reddish/orange color appears I'll turn up the heat a little until done. Everyone always asks "How did you get that smoke flavor?" I have noticed that smokers using chips or pucks put out a white smoke. The smoke coming out of mine is more blue. There you have secret.
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    Ah, so you use wood in the traditional Northwest Indian style, green.  You'll find a bit of questioning about this, but, then they've probably never had smoked salmon this way.  I know that out at the Deming Logging Show (an annual event in my neck of the woods) it's always in great demand.  I know a maple tree that needs trimming.[​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF, Glad to have you with us.

    This is the place to learn, lots of good info and helpful friendly Members.

    For those of you new to Smoking, be sure to check out Jeff's 5 Day Smoking Basics eCourse.

    Click Here it's "FREE" ... 5 Day eCourseE
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    Yay for another Washington smoker!  My husband has really been after me to get on the smoked salmon, so like NWDave, I may be leaning on you for some advice.
  8. Most of the wood I use is about as big around as a large can of soup. If you use larger pieces be sure to trim the bark off. Thick green bark will turn your fish black.

    I've been to the Deming logging show a long time ago.

    Lean away!
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    First off Welcome Fish Man to SMF. Now your fish and your smoker looks great and I bet you had some mighty fine fih come off of that thing.  You'll like it here for there are a lot of really good folks here that would just love to help you with just about anything to do with smoking. Now there are a lot of proven recipes for some amazing things here too. I think I might like to get some good seafood recipes from you too. So the next big thing for you to do is go out and get you something to smoke and if you happen to have any questions just post it here and we will be happy to answer them for you.

    Welcome To Your New Addiction  
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    Welcome Fishhead,

    Always good to have another Salmon Smoker in our midst!

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    Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview. [​IMG]
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    Thanks for joining us at the SMF. I like the fact that you included a pic of your smoker. Looks like good times will continue in the NW. It's all good my friend.
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  13. Thanks everyone!

    I have tried cheese before, but the smoker get a little too hot.

    Almonds are great too, but I need to practice on them a little more. I sprayed them with honey water last time and they were sticky after I sealed them up.

    I'm interested in trying some other meats. Chicken sounds good.
  14. realtorterry

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    Welcome aboard friend

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