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Pretty good advice already given here, but here's my .02 cents. Try to stay away from volumetric recipes if you want consistent results and avoid mistakes....for example, salt in sausage is usually 1.8% of ground meat, which translates into 18 grams of salt per kilo....most importantly, don't give up, we've all made mistakes at first.
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You will get this figured out.
I make Fresh Brats that are amazing using Lem's Backwoods Fresh Brat seasoning. So nothing wrong with making fresh sausages you throw on the grill, they can be just as amazing as smoked sausages.

I'm sure if you play around with 1-2 pound batches you will nail it very soon. With most cooking I find that the simpler you keep things the most often you end up with something amazing versus messing with it a bunch of adding a ton of different ingredients/seasonings.

Rule of thumb with sausage making, if it doesn't pass the patty fry test dont stuff it hahaha. Also the way it tastes as a patty may differet some from how it tastes once grilled or smoked but if it tastes good then roll with it because the flavor profile will likely change when cooked as links :)

U are gonna get this, let us know how the next batches turn out :)
I whole heartedly agree that keeping recipes simple is the way to go. If making the extra effort to gather whole fresh ingredients why muck them up in the kitchen?

I took on a large batch for starters not understanding the complexity of the chemistry involved. Had to take a break to catch up on other chores, thank god for chest freezers. This forum has been a fantastic resource. You guys are great. I will keep you posted. There are lots of us who love sausage but need a nitrate free recipe. Will share when I get this figured. Read a quote here that I can't place, "Great recipes are worth sharing, the rest are secret." Not saying mine will make the "great" category but am happy to share my efforts.

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