New from Columbus,OH

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Original poster
Mar 22, 2006
Columbus Ohio
Just thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself. Name's Howard and I love to cook anything. I just got started with smoking, so anything anyone wants to pass on to me, I'm willin' to listen. I would really like to get into some competitions, even if I just have to help someone.
Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums, Howard! You've come to the right place for smoking, there is a lot of info for you to read on and some fine folks that will help answer those questions that you can't an answer for. Since your new to the art of smoking, I suggest that you check out tulsajeff's "Smoking Basics eCourse", this is an excellent primer to get you started off right.

We have some members here that compete and hopefully they'll be able to give you some tips.
Welcome to the forums from another Columbus smoker!!!

Take care,

Wow!! That was quick! I just got started reading, I think I am gonna be here for awhile. I'm sure my wife and kids will enjoy the fruits of my learning.
Hi Howard!

Welcome to our little corner of the net! It's always nice to meet a fellow buckeye who enjoys "the art." Feel free to ask any questions, folks here are real friendly and helpful, I guarantee you'll get an answer...probably several. Heck, if your anything like me ( and most folks around here) once you get bit by the smokin' bug, you'll be aiming to smoke just about anything that doesn't run fast enough!

Welcome Howard. I hope you enjoy all the forum has to offer, there's lots to learn and the people here are great. Make sure to keep us all updated on your smoking adventures, we just love good smoking stories.
Hi Howard,
I just thought that I would welcome you to the site. I too am new at smoking. This site has been a tremendous help to me and my girlfriend. I can tell you that it has saved the day many times. You can really learn alot if you ask questions. Once again welcome and good luck!!!!
Hey Howard I a newbie also and love this forum so far. I'm in your area a lot have inlaws there in Dublin. My name is smokingjake or just plain Jake. I hope you have as much of fun as I am having in this forum. I am a systems administrator and don't like compters to much since I work with all day long but, this forum is great and i spend a lot of time hear catching up on all the threads. Welcome once again Howard
Hey Jake,

Glad to hear from ya!! I hink I got one up on ya, I work out of the house. Not so bad, my "morning commute" is down 2 sets of stairs and to the computer. Plus, I get to set my own hours. Now if only I could get this whole Q thing down like I have the work situation, I'd be ok. Thanks for the welcome!!

- Howard
Thats cool, I get to work from my house sometimes, but mostly have to go in. I work for the department of the puiblic debt as a WebSphere Application servers and web server admin. I have 4 baby bcks goijng right now as we speak and they are looking good. Getting ready to put on a meatloaf. Take care hcarter. And let the smoke be with you

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