NEPA Smokeout III Invite

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Dec 25, 2010
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For the past 2 years me and my wife have hosted a get together at our home here in NEPA. In 2009 we started with just smoked food from my Bradley smoker and Traeger and did the majority of the smoking and some evn brought items to. We had Bradley forum members come from as far away as CT, NJ, W PA and local, It was such a hit we decided to have a NEPA Smokeout II in 2010 which was even better and we had friends from Canada, CT, NJ, PA & NY.  This years smokeout will have friends from Canada, (Texas & Iowa hopefully) and the regulars.

This year the smoking tools will be from the MAK Grill, Meadow Creek, Bradley and SRG as well as items others bring

This year we are having the NEPA Smokeout III.

The date is the same as SO I & II.........June 25th 2011 starting at 10am.

Your are more than welcome to attend and if you like bring something. We have a large swimming pool and hot tub so bring the wife and kids.

Lots of food and drink with old and new friends. If you live far there are motels in the area but they fill up fast because Pocono Int raceway is not far from us. Allentown, PA is 25 miles and has more hotels.

There have been Smokeouts we have attended in Calif and last year in Florida. Its good times and new good friends eating great food.

Message me if you want more info.
Getting closer. Message me if you plan to attend so i can give you address and phone.

Bugs at last years smokeout.


Thanks for the offer Rick, I wish I could be there.......... It sounds like a good time plus I could raid your sausage freezer while I was there.
Thanks for the offer Rick, I wish I could be there.......... It sounds like a good time plus I could raid your sausage freezer while I was there.

me too............ All ten of them.......
This shindig should be in full swing as I write this. I hope all that attend are blessed by Nepas opening the home. What a great person to do this.  Enjoy the food and eat lots of bugs.

Wish I could have made it.
What another great BBQ gathering. Lots of food with old and new friends.

Here are some pics. I will post more later.


Venison brats


New friends Gary and his wife Pat from around Harrisburg.


Al from NJ talking to my wife. This is his 3rd time at the BBQ. Sadly his wife passed away this past year.


Our friend Michael from Canada (left) Chris (red shirt) from Iowa and Ralph sitting also from Canada


Deb from CT and Art from NC


Far left Greg from Pittsburgh, Center Chuck from Reading, Right standing Dane from up North PA his 1st time here and sitting Tony from Lehighton is his 3rd time.


The drunk tank, I mean dunk tank


My neighbor Todd, Cant remember the other guys name.


Teriyaki glazed Moinks. My wife made the meatballs


Pulled pork




Santa Fe Salsa Chicken my wife cooking on the charcoal grill








Will post more later
Looks like you had a great turnout... Where are the pics of the three of you??? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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