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Jul 14, 2006
I currently have a GOSM and love it, but I would like to get a charcoal smoker and then someday move on to a wood smoker. Do you experts out there have a recommendation. I would prefer something that does not require a lot of mods. I'm not just real handy with that type of thing.

Thanks, Karen
Well, you could get a CharGriller. I got the Super Pro with the SFB and really love it. It will smoke and grill, has heavy cast iron grates. As far as the mods go, you could do just 1, that is installing the vent tube on the smoke stack. As far as the thermometers, well figure out if the stock one is off and live with it.
Or, get a brinkman verticle charcoal smoker. IMO, if you smoke or grill alot you will enjoy the CG. I actually burn wood in mine and cook over that sometimes. Hope this gets you going
I'd go with the CharGriller or the Brinkman Smokin' Pit... both are very close in design and a good bang for the buck. I own the CG Super Pro with the SFB and I love it. Two inexpensive and easy mods you can do to it is the chimney extension that FlaGriller mentioned, plus you can flip the charcoal tray upside down in the main chamber... it will act as a baffle.

Good luck!
Thank you both! Everyone on here seems to love their CG. I don't think I would go wrong with one. And the mods seem easy enough.

Thanks again!
Yes the mods are easy. Get yourself some furnace cement ans put a bunch between the SFB and ciik chamber, and on the chimney flange, this will seal it up tighter. It is a tad messy but washes up with ease and it hardens like steel. It's calking for the grill, use alot of it, don't be afraid if it oozes out from the cracks, that's what you want, just wipe it flush.
A GOSM 3005C charcoal smoker would look nice next to your gasser, sort of a "little brother". Check my avatar.
The 3005C does not need any mods and does a fine job smoking as it comes out of the box. Line the fire pan and water pan with HD aluminum foil.
If you want to do something to help it a bit buy a loaf pan (NOT one with any type non-stick coating), punch a few holes in the sides for air circulation, and use it for your smoking wood. Use chunks, not chips, don't soak them. You might also go with a larger water pan, a round Brinkmann replacement pan might work.
You can not go wrong with a Brinkmann ECB, if that is your choice. Lotta smoker for a little money.

Now I'm torn. Just about had my mind made up up for the CG. But I love my GOSM gasser and the 3005C is tempting. Maybe I should get both, one for the house and one for the lake.
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