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  1. Hello everyone I recently purchased my first smoker and made a large batch of kielbasa and pepperettes. Everything came out great taste wise but the first batch of kielbasa seems to be very soft possibly undercooked. I tried that batch with one cup of dried milk powder per 5lb of meat which seemed like a lot so I'm not sure if that could also be the reason for it coming out very soft. My thermometer read 155 degrees but the ones in the front and higher up May have been less. My question is if I have them vacuumed packed can I take then out as I wish and just fry them to be safe?? There is the correct amount if curing salt but I don't want anyone to get sick and I would hate to throw them out. I don't mind frying them as long as it's still save to have them in the fridge for a while. Thanks
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    If you use cure number one you can smoke them some more or poach them in 160 degree water until the reach 155. That is quite a bit of nfdm. I use half a cup for five pounds. It still should have firmed up though. Tell us more about your process or include the whole recipe if you would. That might help us to help you out. Did you have a thermometer that you know is correct? What type of smoker etc....  By the way welcome. Would you stop by roll call and say howdy?
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  3. Yes I used #1 cure I have a masterbuilt cook master analog electric smoker. It was very cold out so the temp would drop as low as 145 but go up the 175. It was the best I could get it. The temp would go up and down like that for the duration of the smoke. I smoked them for about 6hrs but I had lots of meat in there prob close to 20lbs. I used a seasoning from butcher packers. I made these kielbasa about a week and half ago should I just freeze them now and fry or boil them as I take them out?? I tried leaving them in the fridge uncovered for a few days but some are still to soft.
  4. And yes I will stop by roll call.
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    I would run them through a smoke session again. Hang to bloom. As they are cured they should be fine. Or you can just freeze and cook as necessary too. Make sure your meat probe is accurate. Boil water and test. 212 F

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