Need a name….

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Only if you never watched "Dances with wolves". Cool though.
HAHA! First thing I thought of. I have watched that movie many times. Cool name though.

View attachment 697548Joel, @seenred has went above and beyond on this build. now I need a name worthy of this thing!
I have batted around a couple for a while:

Mississippi Queen

The Lindy

Big Al

The last two in homage to Joel’s avatar. The first from one of you folks here. So hit me with some other suggestions. I got a long ride to Oklahoma and back to think about it.

FWIW - I name all of my farm-pond boats using the following criteria:
  • Has to be a really old-timer old-lady name
  • has to also be jewelry
So far we have Pearl, Ruby, and Opal...

Pearl (recently storm damaged) and ancient-Opal are in bad shape and may soon sleep with the fishes.
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