DIY Curing Chamber Build - Any Suggestions/Critiques on this Build?

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I have a Milwaukee pH meter as well...

This is from Milwaukee's site:
Strange. The Mikwaukee is still working, but the Apera is totally kaput. Maybe a luck of the draw thing.

Like, I would expect the readings to drift slightly after a year (and maybe they have), but the Apera is totally unusable whereas the Mikwaukee is still somewhat accurate. 🤷
Proper care goes a long way lengthening the life of a pH meter probe. First probe I had, I did not know about the cleaner solution, nor about the importance of the storage solution. I spilled the storage holder and lost all the storage solution. refilled with distilled water....big mistake. That probe only lasted 5 months.

Then I got educated on how they work.....out of curiosity. This is for the meat probe- it has gel in the tip that contains potassium ions. That gel is in contact with the meat, and the storage solution when stored. Slowly, over time, the potassium concentration in the gel falls. Placing in storage solution when not in use slows this process but can not stop it. Eventually the low concentration will throw it too far outside of the calibration range and it will give false readings....time for a new one.

This is why we calibrate account for the loss of K+ ions in the gel.....

The more you know.........
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This is why we calibrate account for the loss of K+ ions in the gel.....
Makes sense. So even though I stored it in storage solution, when the solution somehow evaporated and the probe was less protected then my Apera probe was done for. Since this didn't happen for the Milwaukee, that's probably why it's still working.

Possibly a good argument for getting a cheapo generic probe as your first one... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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