Naked Baby Butt

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  1. Naked Baby Butt.

    A nice little Butt. It's been on for 9 hours and it won't be long now.

    I am going to go get a shot since it has been 9 hours, It had a 3 hour stall but it has been moving since it hit 177.

    This morning I had to make a decision to smoke it or freeze it. Well it went on at 9' 6 44 pm and I Had smoke on it for the first 9.5 hours. I used  Pitt Master Blend with extra hickory. I think it has another 2 hours in it. It won't matter since it is a give away.

    I pulled it at 9:15 pm and then let rest 2 1/2 hours. A little finishing sauce and it is ready to get packed up.  3 hours per pound plus the rest.   The finishing sauce was simple cider vinegar 1  tbs of Mike mills Magic Dust brown sugar and red pepper flake.   Jted
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  2. noboundaries

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    That picture made my mouth water.  How'd it taste?
  3. Nice, loving the color. CF
  4. inkjunkie

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    Purdy. Last butt I did, no foil, was closer to 2 hours and few minutes per pound.
  5. This time with the butt I used EVOO as a binder I don't know if that played a part in the color.  I normally used yellow mustard with the Magic Dust and it  is very very dar.k The bark was great and the meat was very moist. I had nearly no fat waste except the fat cap I had the opportunity to show my son what a clean bone looks like.  Jted

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