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Discussion in 'Beef' started by aggie94, Jul 9, 2015.

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    Seems like everyone cooked a brisket for the 4th of July weekend, all I could do was lust after their pictures.  Today was my day to 

    get out in the smoke.   It was a 13 lbs, price not bad $2.47 a lb.  My sweet wife was kind enough to take these pictures, we'll see if I post them right.

    Here is the beast, $130 of heat leaking thin metal.  I've had it for about 10 years, long enough to learn there are easier ways to make barbecue.  I mainly used post oak with a little pecan thrown in.

    I tend to split my briskets in half, not sure if it shortens the cook time but it makes it a easier to work with.  Here are the two pieces after about 3 hours smoking.  Also ended up with a little scrap piece when I trimmed it.

    Four hours in temps were around 163 degrees so wrapped each piece.  For experimentation I wrapped the flat in a piece of butcher paper, and the point in foil.  Here they are after some time in the smoke, probably darker than most people's when they wrap.

    Both pieces were running about the same temperature till I wrapped, then the piece in the paper started lagging in temp.  I was shooting for a target temp of 200, ended up running a little over.  The point in the foil finished right at 7 hours.

    The flat was running about an hour behind it, but I had poured some beef broth into both when I wrapped them and it didn't work well with the butcher paper.  At 7 1/2  hours the paper became too soggy and fell apart so I had to finish the flat in foil also, took another hour. 

    Yes it may look like my brisket was caught in a tragic fire, but they are still nice and juicy on the inside.  That's the benefit of a packer, all that fat gives lots of protection.  Now I have to wrap this up and drive it 300 miles for a family dinner Saturday, but wanted to slice the end so you know it survived!  It doesn't have as much of a smoke ring as I would like, but I can guarantee you it had lots of smoke!

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    Looks like a terrific bark to me! I love them like that. Looks juicy and tender too.

    I haven't tried the butcher paper, but a friend of mine swears by it. As for the smoke ring, you never know what you'll get. I've cooked 2,3,4 or more briskets at the same time and have had varying rings show up. It's the flavor that matters.

    Looks like the wait paid off
  3. Thanks for the shots of you meat.  2.77 is great price. Here we are lucky to see 6.00 per lb. Nice Bark I WANT SOME. The Texas crutch works and there is a time and place for  it. Once again Nice Work  Jted
  4. aggie94

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    Thanks for the nice comments.  Yes the crutch works, someday I may not need it, but for now it helps.
  5. dukeburger

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    Looks like your brisket made for a tasty meal. Nice bark! [​IMG]

    Smoke ring is a bit of a struggle for me sometimes too, sometimes it shows, other times it doesn't. Sometimes it'll show on the point and not the flat or vice-versa. [​IMG]

    Good smoke regardless!
  6. floridasteve

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    You made my mouth water ... Again!
  7. mrsmoklestein

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    Chargriller w/sider firebox. Mine doesn't have the firebox as Im too cheap but I get good results out of it offset smoking nonetheless. That bark looks killer! Damn I need to find a place with affordable packer brisket. Ive actually seen 7.00 a pound around here before(not even bs'ing). Although in my area sausage is king and brats can be had for $0.50 a pound sometimes on sale. (Wisc).
  8. aggie94

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    I know you are not kidding, I've seen some of those high prices too.  Small flats are about $5.50 a pound, and some of the nicer grades are 7 to 9 dollars a pound.  People started barbecuing briskets because they were a cheap, tough cut of meat not many people wanted.  If I lived where you do Smoklestein I would be going for those brats!
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